Whippet Collars, Coats and More- Quality Products for Whippets

Whippet Collars, Coats and More- Quality Products for Whippets

We love buying presents for our pointy faced whippets. More whippet collars anyone? Any excuse to treat them with a little gift. Here are ideas for what whippets need (and want) as shared by many fellow adoring whippet owners.

whats whippets need


Loads of them. The furrier, thicker and cosier the better and in every room, ready to cover those skinny bodies at every opportunity. Blankets are welcomed by our dogs in most months of the year in the U.K, with many owners specifying that they be coupled with an open fire/ wood burner for extra warmth.

cosy blankets

Where to get blankets:

Lovely blankets can be bought from many home furnishing shops while these (pictured) were from our local Dunelm store. For a real treat for your pointy check out the beautiful blankets found at Charley Chau. I have my eye on their faux fur blankets.

blankets for whippets


For those owners not wanting those little bed-hogs with them overnight, invest in one of the many fabulous dog beds and cosy sacks available. How about one of these gorgeous On-Cloud beds from Hunkin Hounds ? These beds are great for calming anxious dogs as they are deep and cosy.

Hunkin Hounds bed

Our boys also LOVE their memory foam bed by human bed makers Sleepeezee. This bed is sturdy, soft and cosy. It is hardwearing and can also be wiped and cleaned thoroughly. You can even have it personalised!

whippet gifts

Also getting inside and on top of their more portable Cosy Cave beds. Yes, we have a lot of beds inside and out of the house for our whippets!

cosy cave

If you are looking for a bed which is multifunctional, how about the Stoov Woov heated dog bed? It uses infrared technology to ensure that your whippy stays super cosy- yes it actually heats up! It is also hardy, waterproof and dirtproof so suitable for outside use!


Whippet Coats:

getting a second dog

Living in the U.K, your whippet will need a coat or fleece or both. A great whippet covering needs to be rainproof, breathable, cosy, easy to wash, well fitting and of course stylish. Find our favourite whippet coats here. For heavy rain we reach for the hardwearing Blizzard coat. 

equafleece dog jumper

We frequently rave about Equafleece, opting for the dog jumpers (in slim of course).

warm dog coats

Redhound fleeces are great for really chilly weather. The high necks are super cosy and they fit nicely under a Blizzard Coat.

Moving at the speed of light, whippets can be accident prone. For recovering hounds, Medical Pet Shirts are a fabulous alternative to the dreaded cone. 

Whippet Collars and Harnesses:

Brindle and whyte collar

There are many beautiful and wonderfully designed Martingale collars which are perfect for the long, delicate neck and skin of the hounds. We love Silver Peacock‘s whippet collars in the gorgeous tweed fabrics (pictured above with Equafleece). Also great in bold and hard wearing fabrics are Finnstown, also sold by Pointy Faces, and Brindle and Whyte

health checks for dogs

For harnesses, it is hard to beat the Ruffwear Webmaster. We can vouch for this. It is super sturdy, absolutely secure and fits a treat. The the Snootiful Hound No Escape Harness is also excellent, is nice and light, and fits a whippet perfectly. We have also owned and loved the Perfect Fit. You buy it in three sections so it really does fit perfectly- make sure you get properly measured however. We attach a Tractive Tracker to our sporty boy to see what he has been up to and to give us peace of mind.

House collars can offer peace of mind and look gorgeous too. We love our Petiquette Breakaway Collars and Silver Peacocks velvet house collars.


scent games for dogs

Anything chewy and furry is warmly welcomed by whippets. Antlers continue to be popular time and time again and are available from many local vets, pet shops and online at Pointy Faces.  Do supervise chewing. Balls, floppy fur toys and ropes to run after are all favourites with our boys. Kong toys offer a good brain workout too. See ideas for scent based games here.

Pampering products and treats:

Want a sweet smelling cuddle companion? Look no further than Pointy Faces. They produce scrumptious, organic  products for our skinny friends. From their ‘Neem and Lavender Shampoo’ to their ‘Paw and Sore Balms’ -pamper heaven! See more of our favourite whippet pampering products here.

What Whippets Need:

whippet collars

In a nutshell, it appears that our wonderful whippets want to be warm and cosy, exercised and entertained, and pampered! A bit like us humans hey? Happy dogs = happy owners after all!

Lots of love to all of those beautiful pointy noses out there!

Getting a whippet puppy? Our dog recommendations here. 

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