Warm Whippet Jumpers- The Redhound Fleece

Warm Whippet Jumpers- The Redhound Fleece

Have you got a chilly whippet? A warm whippet jumper is essential kit for our fair-weather hounds. We have been huge fans of our Equafleece Slim Jumpers for a few years now but after years of hard wearing and regular washing we needed new ones. Our heads were turned by the beautiful Redhound for Dogs fleece jumpers we had seen pictured on Instagram and thought we would give them a try for two main reasons.

Extra Warmth:

warm coats for dogs
Redhound fleece jumper beautifully modelled by Finn.

Firstly, the high necks are excellent for those really chilly days- with little fur, Jarvis really does love a neck covering. The neck can be pulled right up to cover the ears for extra warmth. The fabric is really soft and cosy.

warm whippet jumper
High and snug on the tummy.

The Pee Problem:

Secondly after many years and many washes, the fleeces we were using had become a bit saggy on our boys and so they had started to have the odd ‘oops I’ve peed on my fleece’ accident. The Redhound whipper jumper has an elasticated facing so can be stretched over a hounds deep chests but then fit snugly into their tummies above the pee zone. Extra warm and no accidents. Perfect!

The Fabric:

The fleece jumper also keeps the dogs dry in drizzle, light rain or light snow, although is not fully waterproof. We use the blizzard coats for those really wet days. On really cold days, the Redhound fleece fits nicely underneath the Blizzard coat too. The fabric is designed to be washed frequently as Redhound are fellow hound owners who know the breed well and are used to the smelly rolling antics.  


Ordering with Redhound was easy and we received a 10% discount for ordering two fleeces at the same time. Measuring guidelines on the website are thorough so it was very straightforward and they arrived in literally a couple of days.  Perfect timing as the plummeting temperatures have called for constant fleece wearing since we received them.

A Quality Whippet Jumper:

whippet jumper

A couple of years on and we are still loving our fleeces. They still fit snugly and are a huge hit with our boys. And don’t they look gorgeous in them?  

*Top tip: To get the whippet jumper on, insert head then one leg carefully at a time. I pop the paw in and let the whippets guide the rest of the leg down. To remove fleece, gently encourage head down, slide fleece  over head first, then roll down to feet- et voila! 

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