Our 3 Favourite Coats for Whippets

Our 3 Favourite Coats for Whippets

In the colder, wetter weather, a chilly whippet requires a warm and cosy, often waterproof coat. Here are some of our tried and tested favourite coats for whippets that not only look good but are comfortable for running and have proven to withstand frequent washes after the inevitable rolls in fox poo!

Equafleece dog jumper:

equafleece dog jumper

These hard wearing fleeces from Equafleece come in a range of colours and sizes. The online measurement guides are easy to follow and accurate. Warm, rainproof and washable these are a great option, durable and excellent in cold weather.

Blizzard coats:

coats for whippets

A really practical but also stylish coat designed to fit whippets perfectly. The Blizzard coat is a Sherpa fleece lined coat with a waterproof outer. Fully washable. A good choice for wet weather and easy to take on and off. Available in different colours.

Redhound for dogs:

warm coats for dogs

Fleece jumper for whippets. The Redhound jumper will keep your whippet dry in drizzle, light rain or light snow. It isn’t waterproof but the super long necks which can be pulled up over whippet ears will certainly keep them nice and cosy in colder weather. No ‘accidents’ with these as they are cut high on the tummy to avoid getting splashed! A variety of colours are available. These fit nicely under a blizzard coat in really cold conditions too.

On the Wish list:

switching my dogs to raw feeding

We like to try new products and have our eye on AK CREATIONS who specialise in beautiful handmade products including a fantastic selection of outdoor coats. Our next purchase! More information about what whippets need click here.

Coats for whippets:

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These coats are available for all hounds large and small and are not all whippet specific. Where are your favourite coats for your hounds from? Please tell us in the comments below.

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