Where does it come from? Ingredient selection and finding a quality pet food

Where does it come from? Ingredient selection and finding a quality pet food

Getting a pet brings a lot of positive emotions and it also brings responsibility. Finding a quality pet food is one of those responsibilities. Products containing “human” ingredients can harm our pets so we need to research nutrition so we know exactly what we are feeding our furry family. Thanks to the proven products of the pet food company’s lines, you can take care of the tailed animals and provide them with a proper diet.

What pet owners need to know

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Selecting the right food will help maintain health and prevent common diseases. Specialists like nutritionists and veterinarians are constantly working on this to create the proper diet so reading their research is valuable. The description of the ingredients on the selected package can help you find out about the composition of the food and therefore make the right decision for your pet and budget.

Features of pet food

A first look at the range of pet foods will hardly reveal any differences other than the inscriptions on the packaging. However, owners should pay attention to the following ingredients:

  1. Protein of animal origin. Meat in the food is extremely important, as the amount of protein affects the strength of bones and the formation of muscle tissue. Plant sources are also available, but their amount is usually much smaller.
  2. Fibre. This substance affects the state of the digestive system, so it is always a part of high-quality feed. Vegetables, cereals, and fruits are responsible for obtaining fibre from food. The absence of this component negatively affects the animal’s well-being.
  3. Cereals. The content of wheat or corn in some feeds is explained by the desire to provide the necessary amount of fibre. However, avoiding foods with a high grain content is better. Veterinarians explain that these ingredients can cause allergies.

You may see the recommendation to combine two types of food (dry and wet). This is because water is needed for good digestion. Pets should always have access to water to avoid dehydration.

Labelling explained

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The ingredients that come first on the ingredients list are the basis of the chosen food. As a rule, the manufacturer indicates animal proteins here. It can be chicken, beef, or fish. The main requirement for protein ingredients is easy digestibility.

The next place is occupied by whole grains. They are represented by brown rice, oatmeal, and others. Vegetables, such as pumpkin and carrots, are also included in this list. Their task is to provide the body with complex carbohydrates and dietary fibre.

The last in this rating are healthy fats. They are essential for the health of the coat and skin. Desirable sources of fat are chicken (fish) fat and linseed oil. The amount of substances your pet receives depends primarily on the size of the portion. Using the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can determine the feeding frequency and desired rate.

What should not be in the food

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The question that worries all owners does not have a single correct answer. Of course, the presence of colours, flavours, and preservatives is unacceptable.

How to introduce a new pet food

Any new food should be carefully introduced to your pet, gradually over time. Simply swapping a food can lead to a very poorly pet. Give careful consideration and seek advice from a professional in the following cases:

  • Any health deterioration in your pet using the food including decreased appetite, fatigue, or digestive issues;
  • If your pet is pregnant or in the lactation period;
  • If your pet has any health condition.

How food safety is checked

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The formula of pet food is developed by specialists who study the needs of animals depending on their age, breed, and other factors. The needs of adults and young animals are very different, so nutritionists consider these differences when developing formulas. Certification of the finished product is the final stage to confirm the quality and safety of pets’ health.

By researching our pets food thoroughly and finding a quality pet food, we can keep them in the best possible health.

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