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Yoga classes in Cambridgeshire: RNG Yoga, Godmanchester

Yoga classes in Cambridgeshire: RNG Yoga, Godmanchester

If you are searching for yoga classes in Cambridgeshire RNG Yoga is really hard to beat. After an injury, I thought my yoga days were sadly over but this class got me back (no pun intended) in the game of yoga and made a huge […]

Where to go for a Massage in Cambridgeshire: The Beauty Lounge

Where to go for a Massage in Cambridgeshire: The Beauty Lounge

If you are looking for  a great massage in Cambridgeshire look no further than The Beauty Lounge in St Ives. I stumbled upon the salon recently, seeking relief for my restlessly tight shoulders and was recommended Senior Therapist Kayley. A 30 minute massage here is […]

Afternoon Tea in Cambridgeshire: Willingham Auctions Cafe Review

Afternoon Tea in Cambridgeshire: Willingham Auctions Cafe Review

There is something extremely luxurious about catching up over an afternoon tea: the sense of endless time and food I think. My favourite places for afternoon tea in Cambridgeshire are collected here. One of the featured being the food of the home-cooked, locally produced Willingham Auctions Cafe.


Based north of Cambridge in the village of Willingham, this cafe is a great coupled with a wander through the auction rooms. This visit, we opted for the afternoon tea- one traditional and one savoury.

Savoury Afternoon Tea:

afternoon tea in Cambridgeshire

We start with the sandwiches, though its hard to resist the varying tasty savoury bakes. These bakes include a delicious slice of cheesy quiche, a sausage and pickle roll, a wedge of brie, a scotch egg and freshly baked cheese scones. All served with homemade pickles.

The Traditional Afternoon Tea:

afternoon tea in Cambridgeshire

Next to the cakes. A range of home-baked treats here including a cream meringue, blueberry and lemon drizzle cake, chocolate brownie and our favourite the Biscotti cake. Fresh fruit is arranged around the cake and offers balance to the indulgence I like to think!

afternoon tea in Cambridgeshire

After more chatting and resting time we move on to the scones. These fruit and cinnamon scones are really delicious and force us to eat through the fullness, determined not to waste a bit. I should add here that we were offered a doggy bag to take leftovers home but were clearly enjoying ourselves too much.

All of this washed down with copious amounts of tea; peppermint for both of us this time. It’s worth noting here that the loo is outside but we found that this offered us the chance for a stretch and some fresh air between stages.

This is a very generous and relaxed experience. The cafe is dog friendly too so inclusive for our furry family. Great service and a great place to catch up and over indulge- we will be back!

Willingham Auctions Cafe invited us to review their afternoon tea, but as ever, all opinions expressed are my own.

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Mothers Day Gift Experiences, Cambridgeshire: Afternoon Tea

Mothers Day Gift Experiences, Cambridgeshire: Afternoon Tea

Looking for thoughtful mother day gift experiences? How about an quality afternoon tea? A chance to catch up and relax together whilst sharing some delicious food. The perfect way to say thank you and I love you. Carriages: Step back in time and board the […]

Deliciousness on your Doorstep: Online Gifts for Foodies

Deliciousness on your Doorstep: Online Gifts for Foodies

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Yorkshire Food Review: Roots York

Yorkshire Food Review: Roots York

Roots York is the latest venture from talented chef Tommy Banks (of the family run and Michelin starred) restaurant The Black Swan)who has put Yorkshire food well and truly on the map.

Yorkshire Food

The menu:

Roots is a sharing plates restaurant and the menu changes around three seasons; The Preservation Season, The Time of Abundance, and on our visit The Hunger Gap. Dishes range from £5 – £22 but we opt for the ‘feast menu’ at £55 which is a selection of the chefs favourites from the menu- this was a great choice. The pictures featured show portions for 2 sharing.


Yorkshire food- Roots York

Sour bread and seed crackers with Lincolnshire Poacher custard and cultured butter.

We begin with a stunning basket of breads which included slices of sour dough and crisp seed crackers. Served with a cultured butter and a delightful Lincolnshire Poacher custard, dredging a wedge of bread through this custard is such a pleasure.

Smoked Eel Doughnuts:

York roots
Smoked eel doughnuts.

Eel has become a favourite with us. Served inside a little doughnut with a apple jelly this worked perfectly. A great start.


Yorkshire food

Kale dressed in sheep’s yoghurt, pickled walnuts and cured egg yolk.

Dressed in sheep’s yogurt, pickled walnuts and cured egg yolk, this kale dish is very well balanced. Packed with flavour, it certainly had us coming back for more.


Roots York
Venison tartare, Oldstead pepper, fermented mushroom and buckwheat.

Tartare, heavy with pepper flavours and a funky fermented mushroom ketchup. Topped with a crispy buckwheat cracker. Tasty stuff.


Roots York Yorkshire food
Sour crown prince falafel, sprouts and chestnuts.

Crispy falafel are next up. Filled with a sour crown squash and served with chestnuts. The falafel are topped with sprouts and some home cured charcuterie. This is a lovely dish that disappears in no time at all.


Yorkshire food
Crapaudine beetroot cooked slowly in beef fat.

We had been looking forward to this one! Beetroot cooked slowly in beef fat topped with light and airy goats cheese. A stunning looking plate of food and a rich but sweet flavour. It certainly hits the spot.


Roots York Yorkshire food
Halibut, broccoli, smoked bacon and mussel sauce.

An outstanding menu so its hard to pick a favourite dish but under force, this would be the one. Perfectly cooked halibut with a silky broccoli puree arrived topped crispy with pieces of smoked bacon. Finished with a beautiful mussel sauce, a serious plate scraper.

Salt Beef:

Roots York
Salt beef, mustard, gherkins and Old Winchester.

Generously topped with Old Winchester cheese, enter the salt beef. On the side is a medley of mustard and gherkin gels and purees which is very rich but extremely moorish at the same time.


A bonus cabbage dish.

Not on the menu but a surprise from the chef, a slowly braised cabbage rich in butter. This is topped with crispy onions and miso flavours. Once again the plate is quickly devoured by all.


Meadowsweet toast, rhubarb and honey.

Moving on to the sweet offerings. Firstly a meadowsweet toast which is crunchy and delicious. Accompanied by a smooth honey sweet ice cream and poached rhubarb, this is a brilliant combination of textures and flavours.

Carrot and chicory tiramisu.

Finally we have a refreshing carrot and chicory root tiramisu which sits very well alongside the rhubarb. A great ending to a great meal.

Amazing Yorkshire Food at Roots:

Roots is a fantastic place to eat with friends and we loved doing just that. It has a cosy upstairs bar to have a drink before you begin your meal and the small plates menu allows for sociable sharing and certainly prompts discussion.

The cooking is inventive and imaginative and extremely skilful throughout and the feast menu is extremely generous. Yorkshire food at it best. I can’t wait to visit again.

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Brilliant Cruelty Free Brands for Cosmetics & Cleaning

Brilliant Cruelty Free Brands for Cosmetics & Cleaning

There are many brilliant cruelty free brands available online and in our high street shops and supermarkets.  Cruelty Free Kitty have a very comprehensive online list. If, like me, you are passionate about using cruelty free cosmetics and household products you may fancy trying some […]

Warm Dog Coats for Cold Days- The Redhound Fleece

Warm Dog Coats for Cold Days- The Redhound Fleece

Warm dog coats are essential kit for our fair-weather whippets. We have been huge fans of our Equafleece Slim Jumpers for a few years now (see our review here) but after years of hard wearing and regular washing we needed new ones. Our heads were […]

Teeth Cleaning Treatments for Dogs- The FairyDogmother, Cambridgeshire.

Teeth Cleaning Treatments for Dogs- The FairyDogmother, Cambridgeshire.


Those Long Noses:

I was forever looking for teeth cleaning treatments for dogs until I found the amazing service offered by The FairyDogmother. Keeping the teeth of our long nosed hounds clean is an ongoing battle and one I was losing despite regular brushing with expensive enzymatic toothpastes and them doing plenty of chewing.

The tartar build up on their back teeth was bad and at the tender age of 6 and 7 the vet had started to suggest descaling treatment. I felt like a terrible owner. So we tried the teeth cleaning service at The FairyDogmother.

tooth cleaning treatments for dogs
This is not either of my boys as sadly I didn’t take a before shot but Finns teeth were like these.

Using 100% ultrasound cleaning, the treatment is gentle with no brushing or scraping. It uses a motionless gentle clean with a deep clean of the teeth up to the gum line. The tartar peels off in layers to revels the clean teeth. Costing £30 for the initial session, and £15 for each further treatment this was stress (and unlike descaling, anaesthetic) free and music to my ears.

clean teeth
Jarvis after 2 sessions. He is 7 and this is 4 weeks after his last session.

The Results:

I honestly could not believe the results. Finn’s teeth were in bad condition and he took only 3 sessions before the yukky brown tartar had gone. Jarvis’ teeth were slightly better so he had 2 sessions. They both still have a tiny amount of tartar on their very back teeth now which I keep on top of with regular brushing. This tooth treatment is something that we will use every couple of months to keep their teeth sparkly white.

The Miracle Maker:

Jarvis after his first nail trim with Kara.

But this is not the first miracle that The FairyDogmother had performed on our dogs. A few years back we hit a wall with nail trimming. After trying numerous groomers, the electric filing machines etc etc; even the vet couldn’t trim Jarvis’ claws. They told me to leave them as it was just too stressful for him.

Then our good friends at JK Petcare took him to a (at the time) new local groomer – The FairyDogmother. First try success! We couldn’t believe it. Now a good few years on, we visit regularly for claw trims and they trot in (with slight hesitation) and easily tolerate it. Wow, what a difference!

I’ve watched Kara work her magic with our boys. She is so gentle and kind but holds them firmly so that they feel safe. They love her. One of the local heroes for us dog owners I think! When looking for a dog groomer in Cambridgeshire look no further than the fabulous FairyDogmother.

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Personalised Gifts for Pet Lovers

Personalised Gifts for Pet Lovers

There are many talented arts and crafts people making beautiful personalised gifts for us pet lovers. I LOVE the gifts I have received in the image of my dogs; they really are touching and make me smile every time I pass them at home. Here […]