Tips to Make Your Summer Holiday Even Better!

Tips to Make Your Summer Holiday Even Better!

With summer just around the corner, many of us are already starting to look forward to the summer holidays! No matter how you plan to spend your holidays, whether it’s a seaside getaway, an urban break or a countryside retreat, there are ways to make sure that they’re memorable for all the right reasons.

To help ensure that you have the best possible time on your summer holidays in the UK, read on for some of our top tips on how to make the holiday experience stress-free and even better.

Plan ahead

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If you only follow one tip here, make it this one. Nothing gives you a better chance at smooth and enjoyable holidays than taking the time to plan well in advance of your time away. Make sure that you know what activities you want to try out and places you want to visit on your holiday, and research them all properly. Pre book any that will be missed if not. There’s nothing worse than turning up somewhere only to find that it’s closed for the day or fully booked, so take the time to draw up a bit of an itinerary and book any tickets you need ahead of time.

Over planning however a trap to be avoided, though, since even the best-made plans are always subject to random change or disruption- allow yourself time to just explore and be too.

Don’t pack at the last minute

We know exactly how tempting it is to keep putting off packing, even when you’re looking forward to the holiday itself. Too many times the process of packing descends into a last-minute rush to throw things into bags the night before – or even the morning of – the journey. So, get ahead of the task and start making a packing list well in advance of your holiday. Take the time to think about what you really need to bring and the odds of leaving behind something important will reduce.

Be Flexible

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Sometimes the best and most memorable experiences we have on a holiday are the spontaneous ones that nobody planned for. As previously mentioned, leave space in your itinerary for potential switch-ups and last-minute additions – you won’t regret it. Even if you simply leave room to explore the local area or just spend some time relaxing, your holiday will feel much better than if you’re rushing from one planned activity to another without stopping.

Take the chance to unplug

As much as you might want to show off your amazing holiday snaps to your friends and family back home, spending too much time on your phone isn’t good for your holiday. The point of a holiday is to get away from it all and relax, making it the perfect opportunity to cut down on screen time.

Even when you’re not out and about, consider leaving your phone untouched during the evenings while you’re spending time with your travel companions. Beyond snapping pictures and checking information on the go, try to limit how often you pull out your phone and appreciate your surroundings instead.

Try new things

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Everyone likes familiar things, it’s human nature. But when better to take the chance and try something new than when you’re on holiday? You don’t have to go overboard, but step out of your comfort zone at least a little and give something new a try.

Maybe you’ll try your hand at learning to surf, or perhaps you’ll give a new regional cuisine a go. Exploring new experiences, activities or tastes is an excellent way to make some amazing holiday memories.

Enjoy your Summer Holidays!

Reducing the worries and friction on your summer holidays will surely help them to feel even more enjoyable. With the proper mix of planning and open-mindedness, you could soon be on your way to some of your best summer holiday adventures and memories. Have a wonderful time. Taking your dogs? See our tips for planning dog friendly holidays here.

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