Essential Steps For Planning A Family Holiday With Your Dog

Essential Steps For Planning A Family Holiday With Your Dog

Bringing your furry family maximises family holiday fun. However, travelling safely with pets requires preparation and planning to address needs like veterinary checks, pet-friendly lodging, transportation, and dog activities. Use this essential checklist when preparing a stress-free family holiday with your dog.

Check Pet Documentation Is Current

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Confirm your dog’s microchipping and ID tags are up to date before you travel, showing your current contact information. Update their pet passport with recent vaccinations and vet sign-off, enabling stress-free travel and boarding. Having proper pet paperwork avoids hassles. It can also take away lots of upset if you are unfortunately separated from your pet away from home. Consider using a pet GPS tracker too!

Scout Pet-Friendly Accommodations Or Bring A Crate

Research accommodation policies to know where you and your dog will be fully welcomed- not tolerated. If you like going out to non-dog friendly places, look for places who offer a pet-sitting services on-site so that you do not leave your dog alone in a strange place. Reputable pet sitters eliminate worries enjoying excursions when leaving pets behind temporarily. An anxious dog can be destructive! If uncertain of pet policies, if your dog is crate trained, pack a collapsible travel crate allowing your dog to comfortably stay indoors or outdoors.

Plan Dog-Friendly Activities And Walks

Select holiday destinations with dog parks, walking trails, beaches allowing dogs, and outdoor restaurants with outdoor space when possible. Scope out pet-permitted historical sites and attractions ahead of time too. Planning dog-friendly adventures makes travel more fun.

Look For Family Holidays That Offer Adventure Without Breaking The Bank

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Consider lower-cost holiday options like caravan parks, rural cottage rentals or campgrounds providing beautiful settings, shared amenities and outdoorsy activities appealing to kids and dogs alike. If you’re looking for family adventure holidays that everyone can enjoy, visit PGL. They offer holidays across the UK and France, with all-inclusive options that are perfect for families.

Pack Needed Food And Medications

Bring sufficient pet food and daily medications lasting your whole trip to avoid scrambling to find local stores. You should not give your dog unfamiliar food as it may well upset their stomach. Pack their bowls, a few favourite toys, poop bags and training pads to ease familiarity with their temporary living space too.

Create A Pet First Aid Kit

Vet fees can be brutal, so make sure you have insurance. Take your own dog first aid kit for minor ailments. Include bandages, tweezers, scissors, cotton swabs, a thermometer, antibacterial wipes, and ointment to treat minor injuries promptly. Add emergency vet contact details, medication information and health records. Preparedness on the road brings peace of mind far from your regular vet.

Have Proper Restraints For Vehicles And Outings

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Use a secured crate or harness restraint when travelling to keep your dog safely seated. Also, bring a sturdy leash suitable for hikes and a roll-up water bowl. Review campground leash policies. Preventing a loose pup protects them in unfamiliar settings.

Confirm Your Auto Insurance Covers Pets

Call your insurer to verify collision coverage and liability still apply with your dog passenger. Some restrict coverage transporting unsecured animals. For total protection, “pet injury” coverage endorsement specifically covers veterinary expenses if your pet is injured en route.

Travelling with your pup lets your whole family enjoy holidays fully together. But pet-proof planning prevents predicaments and makes for a truly relaxing break away. Preparation for your family holiday with your dog is key and makes the trip enjoyable for all.

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