Dog First Aid Kit- what should I have in it?

Dog First Aid Kit- what should I have in it?

Having a dog first aid kit can be useful in the home, when out and about, and when travelling with your furry family so that you are prepared for those minor dog first aid situations. Please note- this is to be able to respond to minor situations and injuries and is not intended to be an alternative to veterinary treatment. Here is our list of essentials and recommended contents for a basic but comprehensive first aid kits for dogs.

The essentials:

dog first aid kit

Bandage, gauze and adhesive tape:

Essential for covering a wound. Include bandage, gauze, and tape for securing the dressing. We have needed this plenty of times with our speedy whippets.


Some blunt ended, curved scissors for cutting gauze, bandage, etc.

Cotton squares, sterile solution, saline and a syringe:

Used for cleaning a wound for protection from germs and for cleaning small parts of skin and wounds. To flush dirt out of a wound, or a foreign object from the eyes etc. The syringe is to administer the saline.


These are to protect the human first aider from any contamination (from blood, vomit, other bodily fluids) and also to protect the dog.

Tweezers and a tick remover:

To remove foreign bodies from the skin, for example thorns, splinters, ticks.

A foil blanket, blanket and/ or towel:

To keep the injured dog warm and comfortable, particularly if they are suffering from shock. A towel can be used for many purposes, for mopping up fluids, making the dog comfortable as a pillow or just keeping them warm.

*If your dog has any specific medical conditions you will also need to carry any medication or equipment with you in your first aid kit to treat them for this.

Recommended extras:

cosy cave

A Muzzle:

An injured dog will be stressed and in pain so usual behaviour is likely to be altered. By muzzling the dog, the human can protect against potential bites and will be more likely to access the area needing first aid.

* If you don’t have a muzzle, in an emergency, you can make one using bandage. Gently secure the bandage around the jaws and fastening around the back of the ears, tying it at the back of the dog’s neck. 

Pen and paper:

To write down any numbers or instructions given in order to call for emergency help or administer instructions given by vet.

Waste bags:

For used products. We dog owners always have these in every pocket and bag don’t we!

Wet wipes:

Wipes are useful for clearing up potential bodily fluids and cleaning human hands too. Try to use cruelty free and biodegradable brands.

Do consider anything other practical kit specific for your dog in addition to the above, for example we also travel with a spare whistle, lead and collar as have had occasions when the martingale collars has flown off during zoomies!

What is in your dog first aid kit?

dog first aid kit

We hope that this list is a useful step towards compiling your own first aid kit for your dog. For those who prefer, you are able to buy a pre-prepared dog first aid kit like this in many pet stores. What else would you take in your dogs emergency first aid kit? Please tell us in the comments below.

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14 thoughts on “Dog First Aid Kit- what should I have in it?”

  • One of my three labradors has a tendency to cut her pads when she screeches to a halt when running after a ball so I’ve had to patch up many a bleeding foot. I definitely am glad to have gauze and tape to help stem the bleeding and cover any cuts to keep them clean while they heal.

  • Firstly your dogs are SO cute! Secondly what a great post! I had never really thought about needing a doggy first aid kit but I can see just how useful it would be. I am going to share this with my mum two as she has two dogs and I know she would find this useful!

  • It’s important to have the right things in a first aid kit for dogs. Ha yes, waste bags are in every coat pocket aren’t they. There is quite a big overlap with our kits which is handy.

  • I had never even thought that you would need a separate first aid kit for dogs . But then I don’t have any . I think you have included everything that would be needed .

  • This is such a helpful post! I don’t own a dog but my bestie just got herself a dog so this would be good for her to know and have as she is a first time dog owner. I will pass the link to her

  • I’m sure this would be helpful for all new dog owners, it’s always best to have this kind of kit and never need it than the other way around x

  • Aw I am loving your cute dogs. so important to be prepared and this is a great list for dog owners x

  • This is such a helpful post right now as we are picking up our dog in a couple of weeks and I’m looking for all sorts of information to prepare me for dog ownership!

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