Dear New Whippet Owners- Tops Tips & Advice

Dear New Whippet Owners- Tops Tips & Advice

Embarking on the life-changing journey of pointy-nosed parenthood? Congratulations! This advice for new whippet owners offers a collection of top-tips and fabulous nuggets of knowledge shared by us and also the wonderful community of whippet and hound owners in the Mad About Whippets Facebook group

new whippet owners
Whippet wander.

The Breed:

Whippets are a fabulous breed. They will make you laugh every day with their crazy antics, and make you marvel as they effortlessly zoom around in the world with grace and elegance- they are of course one of the fastest breeds around.

New whippet owner
Jarvis warning his paws on a chilly day.

Loving nothing more than to snuggle up with you under a blanket, they are extremely loving, loyal dogs and make a wonderful addition to the family.

dear new whippet owner
The love to snuggle up.

However, beware- these angels are stealth food thieves and will whip a tasty treat from a kitchen surface silently in a matter of seconds! Divas, they will try to steal your bed, demand warmth at all times, and challenge you with their ‘sketchy’ recall skills.

So many of us whippet owners are completely and utterly in love with them and often go on to extend the whippet pack, so what does a new whippet owner need?

The essentials:

equafleece dog jumper
Jarvis and Finn wearing Equafleece.

Our ‘What Whippets Need’ post details our favourite (and essential) things. There are many beautiful hound products available so enjoy shopping for them.

warm coats for dogs
Finn sporting his Redhound fleece and Brindle and Whyte collar.

Martingale collars-essential whippet kit due to a hounds skinny neck. If you opt for a harness make sure it is well fitted to avoid any wriggle-outs. We love our Perfect fit harness which is fleece lined and can be bought in sections to (as the name suggests) fit perfectly.

Perfect Fit Harness

Beware retractable leads! Whippets go from zero to fast quickly (and unpredictably) so imagine the impact and subsequent damage this can cause? Instead opt for a shorter lead, or a long line for training. Halti make a fabulous lead which can change lengths to suit your surroundings. Long lines can also be really useful for recall training.

silver peacock martingale collars
Silver Peacock Martingales
Jarvis and Finn wearing their Blizzard Coats from Pointy Faces.

You will discover that whippets are fair weather beasts and dislike being cold or wet. Walking on a rainy day may be a challenge so invest in a raincoat and also a fleece for your dog.  In short you will need:

  • A martingale collar
  • A lead (not retractable)
  • A bed and a quiet space for your dog- including blankets
  • Toys
  • A coat/ fleece – details of our recommendations for these products here.

Recall, Recall, Recall:

new whippet owner

As sighthounds, the natural see-chase instinct is extremely strong. Working on recall is vital, starting as young as possible. This is not always possible, particularly when re-homing an older dog, but train little and often and as regularly as you can.

new whippet owners

We use whistle training which is successful- though not 100% when up against a moving rabbit. Always be mindful that curve-balls will occur and instinct can take over (squirrels, rabbits, deer etc.)- these guys keep us on our toes!

sighthounds will chase!

A top-tip from one of the lovely Mad About Whippet owners:

“When recalling your dog try to make it for a positive reason- a treat, praise etc. For less pleasant interactions (removing something yukky for example,) move yourself towards your dog.”

Mad About Whippets Member

Beware all Food!

Whippets are terrible counter-surfers, so hound-proof your kitchen surfaces to avoid them getting hold of any toxic foods (see this list and Don’t Eat That! for danger foods) that they may steal. Foodie presents under the tree may be a thing of the past, but these dogs are completely worth it.

The world around them:

new whippet owners

By enrolling in a local puppy training class, you can work on recall and other important commands whilst offering it the vital experiences of socialising and help them develop their dog manners, for example how to greet other dogs.

new whippet owner

Out and about allow your pup to see this exciting world full of new experiences by meeting friendly dogs (big and small), cats, children (who are respectful of the puppy’s space),  passing joggers, cars and buses, people with umbrellas etc. Give lots of praise (and treats) for the desired response- a calm, relaxed and happy dog.

If you intend to travel with your dog, start young and with short journeys to get them used to the motion of a car. For more on this click here.

Inside the house:

scent games for dogs

In the house, your dog will love to follow you. Many owners report always having eyes on them- even in the bathroom!

new whippet owner
A whippet owner made this from a photograph I took- fabulous!

Puppy-proof your home by tucking away wires and storing shoes away, and putting fluffy-toy type ornaments out of reach for little mouths. Supervision is key- Some owners use a bitter apple, or grape spray as a deterrent and to signal ‘do not chew’.  Provide plenty of toys and chews that are allowed so they have a good chance of getting it right. For ideas of scent games to tire your house bound puppy (pre-vaccinations) click here.

Support for you:

new whippet owner
  • Find a good puppy training book. The Dog Guardian is excellent and I wish I had read it years ago.
  • Join and contribute to breed specific social media groups- there are a number on Facebook that offer a wealth of advice, and the chance to share experiences (and great photos!).


This breed is fast and due to the lack of fat and fur accidents do happen. Keep (and travel with) a first aid kit containing bandage, wound pads, and Manuka honey (for its super healing and antibacterial properties). For wounds on the body, medical pet shirts are fabulous, offering a much kinder alternative to the cone.

for dogs on the mend
Finn in his medical pet shirt.

Beware long, dry grass! The dreaded grass seed is a terror when dogs whip through it. As owners, we have had veterinary treatment for seeds in the ear, foot and nose! Keep your dog on its lead in these places to avoid this.

Dog Friendly Holidays:

new whippet owner

When travelling take plenty (more than you need) of food in case of delays or mishaps. Take your first aid kit, toys, lots of blankets and a spare whistle if you are a whistle user for your recall. If at all possible take your dogs bed so they can have some comfort of home whilst away. For more information about travelling with a dog click here.

dear new whippet owner

New Whippet Owners:

blankets for whippets

Above all else, enjoy your new addition to the family. Embrace the feeling of falling in love with this silky bundle and prepare to cover the house with blankets and images of your whippet as you become ever so slightly obsessed. Life won’t be the same again…it will be so much better!

For more of our dog-friendly recommendations click here.

6 thoughts on “Dear New Whippet Owners- Tops Tips & Advice”

  • Nice Post, I have never met a Whippet Dog breed. They are so cute. I like your phrasing “Fairweather beasts”.. you could say Dachshunds are very much the same, haha. They don’t like the cold and wet, especially because they are so close to the ground. I enjoyed your pictures, those pups look very happy. (From Dachshund Station)

  • This is great advice! A lot of it is great not only for whippets, but for all dogs. For example, I love how you recommended a shorter leash instead of an extendable one. I have heard so many horror stories about the extendable leashes, so I always try to advise people to get a short leash if possible. Also, I had never heard of a medical pet shirt before. That sounds like a much better option than a cone! Thanks for sharing all this detailed information (and I love all the adorable pictures!)

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