5 Tips for a Happy Dog

5 Tips for a Happy Dog

Our dogs quickly become as much a part of the family as anyone else so we really want to own a happy dog don’t we? Dogs are loyal, they love you, and all they really ask in return is to be well looked after.

Ideally, dogs need consistency and to avoid the stress of being rehomed. For this reason, owners must enter the relationship knowing that these wonderful companions come with monthly expense and are most definitely a commitment. Whether you’re an experienced dog owner, or are considering your first dog, here are 5 top-tips for how to have a healthy and happy dog.

Feed them a quality diet:

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Just like humans, dogs require good nourishment to stay fit and healthy. Make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water each day to keep them hydrated and happy. Whether you opt for a quality raw or dry food, do your research and find a food that suits your dogs needs.

Monitor your dog’s weight regularly to keep them in good health. Keep an eye on the amount of treats your dog is getting, particularly if your dog is given titbits. Know what dogs can and cannot eat so they are not given any foods which are harmful to them.

Give them enough exercise and activity:

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A happy dog require daily walks to stay fit and to be stimulated. Find a walking routine that suits you and your family but do making sure that your dog has enough exercise and mental stimulation. If you’re working, consider finding a quality a dog walking service.

Spending time training and playing with your dog for their behaviour and wellbeing is also important. There are so many fun things to do with your dog. Try some sniffy games and provide quality toys for them to play with, for example the eco friendly dog toys from Wild Thought to help them use their brain and burn some energy.

Do regular Check-Ups:

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Giving your dog for regular check-ups at home can lessen the risk of them only needing care when something is really wrong with them. Keep on top of maintaining their teeth, coat and weight. Your vet may offer annual checks which are particularly helpful as your dog gets older. Get some good quality pet insurance, or a savings scheme, to cover any check-ups or in the event of illness or injury- it really is worth its weight in gold.

Provide love and attention:

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Dogs want and deserve lots of affection and care. Spend time walking with them, playing with them and generally enjoying their company. This is hugely beneficial to human mental health as well as the dogs. Dogs need to socialise so give them an opportunity to meet and play with other dogs regularly.

Some dogs like to wander, so to keep them safe, consider a GPS tracker which can locate them if they are missing. Ensure that your dog is microchipped and that yours associated details are up to date.

Make sure they have the kit:


Make sure that your dog has a comfortable bed where they can seek peace and space if they need time out from our busy human lifestyle. The size and style of bed will depend on the breed of dog so do some research into this. Make sure that your dog has clean food and water bowls and a space to eat without interruption.

Consider coats for older dogs, small dogs, and dogs with a thinner coat to provide extra warmth in the winter. Dogs with more fur require regular grooming and trimming in the hotter months to keep them cool and also to maintain the health of their coat.

Enjoy your happy dog:

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By caring for your dog, feeding them well, and keeping them safe and healthy you can enjoy the many rewards of owning a happy dog!

Written for Twoplusdogs by Grace Murphy

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