GPS for Dogs- Tractive Review

GPS for Dogs- Tractive Review

With such a strong natural chase drive, we have had occasional recall mishaps with our whippets. A recent scare was enough to prompt us to overhaul our whippy security. We invested in whippet house collars, also GPS for dogs so that we could track our boys should this ever happen again. 

The wish list:

GPS for dogs

We wanted a product that was small and light enough to sit comfortably on a skinny whippet neck. Our dogs usually wear either harnesses or martingale collars so it needed to be compatible with these. We wanted a device with no delay in the feed so that we had an accurate location. We are not ever-so techy, so something easy to set up and use was also a must. All of that and a low monthly cost and we would be happy- quite a wish list!


GPS for dogs

After much research and the reading of many positive reviews, we settled on Tractive. Key features for us were; 

  • It Weighs less than 30g so suitable for delicate whippet necks.
  • It has a Live Tracking feature in real time with an unlimited range- whippets can cover a huge area and fast.
  • The subscription costs just over £3 per month (if paid in advance).
  • The device is easy to charge. and the battery lasts for 3-5 days before needing to be recharged. 
  • It is a waterproof device that fits to different sized collars or harnesses so would fit on our existing harnesses. 
Size comparison next to an iPhone SE.

Another feature, and a welcome bonus, is that we can monitor our dog’s activity levels throughout the day using Tractive. This is such good fun!

The monitor categorises the dogs activity into 3 sections; calm, active (walking or movement), or playful (jumping or running). You can set a Pet Point target for your dog and also compete against other Tractive users. This is a great incentive if you have a dog who is trying to lose weight or increase activity.

Tractive allows you to set virtual fences so that you can receive alerts if your dog wanders out of your fenced zone- we are yet to use this function.

GPS for dogs:

GPS for dogs

We have been really impressed with this product. It is really easy to set up and use via your phone, so great for less technical folk. You receive alerts when the device needs charging but can also check battery levels at any time on your phone. Charging is really easy and done via USB.

When fastened to their harnesses, the dogs haven’t noticed the device as it is so light and compact. Most importantly, priceless peace of mind of having this with us when we do let the whippets off lead for a run.

GPS for dogs

Tractive initially invited me to review this product. I subsequently chose to pay to subscribe and bought a second device and subscription for my other dog as we were so impressed with it. As always, all opinions are genuine and my own.

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