Whippets Collars for in the house- Petiquette Collars Review

Whippets Collars for in the house- Petiquette Collars Review

We had never considered whippets collars for indoors until a recent incident when one of our whippets escaped out on a walk and ran for the hills. This made us risk assess our whole set-up; what about if either dog ever slipped out of the front door?

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Our wishlist:

We had a list of requirements from the house collars and wanted them to be;

  • soft and lightweight-comfortable for constant use
  • safety clasped for when unsupervised
  • good looking for our discerning whippets. 
  • reasonable priced 
Finn whippet


After some internet searching we found Petiquette. Their Breakaway dog house collars met all of our needs, the online measuring instructions were really straight forward and the colours just beautiful! 

Ordering was easy and the price great for the such quality at £20 per collar. We received the collars just 4 days after ordering. Clicked on and happily worn ever since.

whippets collars

Whippets Collars:

I feel much happier that the identity tags are visible at all times. Both dogs are micro-chipped but there is no doubt that this would help us to be reunited should they ever escape again. Don’t they look handsome in their house collars? 

house collars for whippets

Features of the collar:

With more than 2.5 kg of pressure, the clasp will release so is completely safe to wear unsupervised. Importantly, there is a loop for an identification tag too. Super soft, the breakaway collar is made from lightweight Italian leather which is rolled by hand so all smooth edges that are designed not to get tangled in furry coats or irritate dog’s skin.

We have been really impressed with these house collars for our whippets and highly recommend them for any stylish hound.

Please note- these collars are not suitable for outdoor use.

As a part of this tightening in security we also researched and invested in GPS. See our review of Tractive for dogs.

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