Month: September 2019

Chocolate Flapjack Recipe:

Chocolate Flapjack Recipe:

I love chocolate and golden syrup as they are real flavours of childhood. This chocolate and cherry flapjack recipe is a sweet treat for chocolate lovers. It is really rich and satisfying yet so easy to make. I have added cherries to this recipe but…

Songbird Massage Wax Review:

Songbird Massage Wax Review:

I was introduced to Songbird reflexology massage wax whilst training with Temple Academy of Reflexology and was immediately hooked! Songbird, have a range of massage and reflexology waxes, balms and liquiwaxes too. Many products are available in their vegan range. Cruelty Free: Using organic ingredients…

Michelin Restaurants in Bristol- Casamia Review:

Michelin Restaurants in Bristol- Casamia Review:

Fabulous food served in a beautiful room by passionate and friendly people? If this is your thing, Casamia in Bristol is the place for you. If you don’t, then I am afraid we will never be friends! This classy Michelin restaurant in Bristol is perfect for that special occasion or treat.

The Restaurant:

We are made to feel at home straight away by being taken on a tour around the kitchen- what a treat! Fascinated, we marvelled at the pristine kitchen, the calm atmosphere, and the amazing ingredients around us. Dedicated and focused chefs still found the time to smile and say hello to us. This was clearly going to be an exceptional meal.

The Menu:

Casamia offers a surprise tasting menu which is based on seasonal ingredients. The ‘surprise’ element means that we don’t see a menu which added to the excitement for us!


Parmesan tart

First a delicious series of snacks, all designed to be eaten in one bite. Packed with flavour and beautifully presented, these were exceptional.

I think my favourite was the delicate, mini aged Parmesan tart. So very cheesy in the best possible way, and so light that it almost disintegrated in your mouth.


A carabinero prawn perched on top of an unusual but lovely, crisp, seaweed meringue followed.

Beef at Casamia

Next up, a miniature Yorkshire pudding. Delicately filled with a tartare of aged Galician dairy cow. A simply stunning mouthful of food.


The final snack was a crisp little piece of sea trout skin topped with tiny dots of roe.


Casamia Bristol

A strong start with the snacks and the quality continued. Next a little bowl of sea trout mousse topped with roe. A fresh and flavoursome introduction to the fish section of the menu.


This was followed by a piece of sea trout expertly cooked and topped with caviar. The accompanying sauce, made from the shells of the carabinero prawns used earlier in the menu, works extremely well.

Hake at Casamia

Hake, served with a sabayon style sauce and infused with champagne completed our fish journey. The rich sauce was a great match for the fresh fish.


Michelin star restaurants in Bristol

The meat section of the menu begins with a little bit of theatre as the roasted lamb was introduced. The smell really did get our taste-buds buzzing! The following meat dishes would all be based on using every part of this delicious joint.

Michelin star restaurants in Bristol

First up was a slow cooked quail eggs with a hint of fiery Szechuan pepper,over which a lamb consume was poured.

Quails egg

Then topped with a little more of the lamb roasting juices.


Pick up this delightful bowl and drink! Amazing flavours.

Michelin star restaurants in Bristol

On to a slice of the lamb fillet served with a puree of mushroom and a burnt courgette. Topped with truffle which was grated at the table and a small piece of cucumber, perfect freshness to balance the richness of the dish.

A basket of charred sourdough bread and a bowl of lamb dripping arrived alongside this dish. A great way to end the savoury part of the menu.


Michelin star restaurants in Bristol

Pine nut custard? Yes it is a thing, and yes it is delicious. Topped with a paper thin disc of caramel and a fresh lemon sorbet. Designed to refresh the palate- this definitely hits the spot.

Michelin star restaurants in Bristol

A Mille-feuille was our final desert. Layers of crispy, wafer-thin, caramelised pastry was filled with tart raspberries and wonderful vanilla infused cream which was greedily devoured.

Michelin star restaurants in Bristol

Coffee and a mint tea to finish a fabulous meal. Amazingly petite madeleines, all standing to attention in a vanilla sugar arrived with our drinks. Dressed with a little grated orange, the smell was pretty fantastic but the taste even better!

Michelin star restaurants in Bristol:


Casamia is one of the finest restaurants in the country in my opinion. Faultless service and outstanding food. This evening made us very happy, so happy in fact, that here I am celebrating with the menu!

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Easy Plum Crumble Recipe

Easy Plum Crumble Recipe

This easy plum crumble recipe is so simple and tastes delicious. With the addition of Lotus biscuits, It creates a soft, sweet crumb. For those loving a crumble with a little more crunch, try adding some oats or a little more flour to the crumble…

Personalised Dog Socks: PrintsField Review

Personalised Dog Socks: PrintsField Review

My favourite gifts are the personalised kind, so what could be more thoughtful and practical than a pair of personalised dog socks? PrintsField offer a range of socks with the gorgeous faces of your loved ones on. I went for their dog socks but you…

Dog Friendly Dumfries and Galloway: Woodfoot Cottage Review

Dog Friendly Dumfries and Galloway: Woodfoot Cottage Review

Our third visit to this beautiful part of Scotland- the dog friendly Dumfries and Galloway. This time we stayed at Woodfoot Cottage. The cottage is situated on the edge of the Carstramon Woods, and close to The Gatehouse of Fleet and the foodie town of Castle Douglas.

dog friendly Dumfries and Galloway

The detached (and extremely peacefully located) cottage is set down a quiet country lane, literally opposite the aforementioned ancient wood. Despite the glorious seclusion, shops and amenities are easily accessible from here- in fact, I jogged to The Gatehouse of Fleet as it is only 2 miles away. A really fabulous location.

dog friendly accommodation

The house is comfortable, clean and had everything that we needed for a relaxing stay. For us this tends to include a big bed, a decent TV, plenty of kitchen equipment (as we love to cook), wifi, and an enclosed garden for the whippets!


Woodfoot Cottage

The kitchen had a big fridge, a freezer, dishwasher and a good oven. Plenty of crockery and utensils too, and of course a fabulous view of woodland and fields.

The Living Areas:

Woodfoot Cottage

I love a holiday home to have the space for us both to lay on sofas and this did. This is quite hard to find as a group of 2 humans, so we were very pleased. Dogs are also welcome on the sofas and blankets for this are provided- as you can see, our boys made themselves at home.

Loads of entertainment was on offer at the cottage in the form of books, DVDs and games. We enjoyed a retro ‘Street Fighter’ tournament on the X box!

Woodfoot Cottage

The Bedrooms:

Woodfoot Cottage

We only needed to use the downstairs of the cottage during our stay, the master bedroom being on the ground floor. The bed was super comfortable and the curtains thick- a good combination for a long and restful sleep. Another 2 bedrooms are upstairs in the property.

The Bathroom:

Woodfoot Cottage

A nice, clean bathroom. The cottage also has a large and powerful shower in the next door utility room.

The Garden:

garden at Woodfoot Cottage

The garden is absolutely beautiful! Importantly, it is fully fenced and enclosed with no gaps. Perhaps larger, determined high jumpers may be able to hurdle over but we felt our dogs were really safe and secure. We loved the outdoor barbecue too.

We tried hard to lure the native red squirrels onto the perimeter with some monkey nuts- no joy sadly- they must have seen the dogs!

Truly dog friendly:

woodfoot cottage

This is a really dog friendly, rather than dog tolerant, rental. The owners have thought of all of those details that help a stay with pets to be relaxed and comfortable. An example of this are the dog tags with the cottage details on for guests to use, the available crates, and the abundance of throws, blankets and dog towels.

The owners couldn’t have more more helpful during our booking and stay too.

What to see in dog friendly Dumfries and Galloway:

Staying near to the producers of my favourite gin was wonderful! Crafty Distillery offer tours and lunches and you can of course stock up! For our review click here.

Castle Douglas is known as the foodies town in the region and worth visiting. We loved the bread, cakes and pastries from The Earth’s Crust Bakery, the award winning pies from Ballards Butchers. Local restaurant Mr Pook’s Kitchen also received a glowing review in The Times recently.

There are many beautiful and secluded beaches in the area. Our favourite is the small but perfectly formed Monreith. A little drive away- but worth the journey! Check tide times before going.

Dog friendly Dumfries and Galloway

Other local treats included Kilsture Forest, Galloway Forest Park (fabulous for mountain biking), St Ninian’s Cave, and Rigg Bay, Garlieston. Portpatrick also has a beautiful coastal walk.

Dumfries and Galloway

All in all, a great and truly dog friendly Dumfries and Galloway cottage. Really caring owners, and a superb location- we would love to return to Woodfoot Cottage soon.

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Sharing plates in Bristol- Root Review

Sharing plates in Bristol- Root Review

Root, offering seasonal sharing plates in Bristol, can be found within the former shipping containers of Wapping Wharf. Vegetable focused (with some fish dishes on our visit), the menu is interesting and inviting -the most difficult part of all is deciding what not to order!…