Personalised Dog Socks: PrintsField Review

Personalised Dog Socks: PrintsField Review

My favourite gifts are the personalised kind, so what could be more thoughtful and practical than a pair of personalised dog socks? PrintsField offer a range of socks with the gorgeous faces of your loved ones on. I went for their dog socks but you can have other species, including humans. Their collections include love (family), cats, animals and food. They also have seasonal celebration pairs.

dog socks


Ordering the socks was so quick and easy. Simply upload a photo of the face you want and the designers do the rest. You don’t even need to crop your own face- just choose a picture that you like and give the designers any specifics. I asked to have the face sizes altered on my photos to match as one was taken closer than the other. This was no problem for the designers.

There is an option to have more than one face on your socks for us multi dog owners. There is an extra charge for this so see the website for details.


dog socks

The socks are one size. I found them roomy as a size 3, and Jon found the images a little stretched as a size 11, so anywhere in the middle will fit perfectly! They are made from a soft, flexible fabric and wash well at low temperatures.


personalised dog socks

Prints field is a Polish company set up by best friends (and dog lovers) Jakub and Mykhailo. 1% from every pair of socks bought from PrintsField goes to an animal shelter.



The dog socks cost $17.99 (for one face) plus postage of $4.99. Within 8 days I received my socks, having received regular updates on the status of my order. Fabulous customer service.

Jarvis with socks

Personalised dog socks:

These socks are such a fun idea for a personalised gift. I love having my dogs on my feet and it brings a smile to my face every time I take a peek!

For more personalised pet ideas, here.

PrintsField invited us to review their dog socks but as always, the opinions shared are our own.

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