Best 2020 Christmas Gifts by Post

Best 2020 Christmas Gifts by Post

This Christmas is going to be very different from any that have come before. As things stand, big festive gatherings are going to be unlikely. Perhaps then we should prepare to exchange gifts by post rather than face to face meets?

Online gifts are a great option but can lack that personal touch with wrapping etc. So, how about sending things through the post? With the size and weight restrictions in mind, here are some smaller gifts by post for the loved ones in your life.

For food and drink lovers:

Food and drink are always a safe bet at Christmas time and are some of the easiest items to post. You can guarantee a box of chocolates or a bottle of festive beverage will be gone within a matter of days. Many companies offer gift-wrapping and delivery for a selection of Christmas chocolates or beverages. Or if you want to add a personal touch, you can send some food and drink with your own wrapping. Another idea for any food and drink lovers is sending vouchers for a restaurant or online retailer so they can decide based on their preferences.

For dog lovers:

Canine Partners

Dog lovers are always happy to receive gifts that they can enjoy with their pets or ones that are personalised for them. Websites like Etsy or other independent artisanal outlets are a great place to source personalised or unique gifts that pet lovers will absolutely adore! This personalised touch can be a great way to surprise your friends and family without breaking the bank.

For wellbeing:

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Wellbeing gifts come in many different shapes and sizes. From stocking filler eco gifts to a gift experience. In the current climate, helping your friends and family with some self care this Christmas is a great idea. Gift vouchers can be the ideal present to pop in the post, for example a treatment experience.

For extended family:

gifts by post

This year has been a very tough one for many families across the country. So, sending something to extended family who you may not have seen for a while is a great way to let them know you are thinking of them. Family photos with special frames could be a nice way to remind your nearest and dearest of a previous time when you enjoyed each other’s company. Teenagers can be notoriously tricky to find gifts for. Great gift ideas for teenagers here.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Christmas this year, sending something in the post is a great way to show your love and support for extended family and friends who you may not be able to spend time with this festive season.

We wish you a happy and safe Christmas.

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