Christmas Gift ideas for Men

Christmas Gift ideas for Men

Guest posted for us by Emily Jones:

Getting a gift for a loved one can get challenging after some years, especially when it is for a special man in your life and you want to get a gift that he will truly love. Whether it is for your husband, father, or brother, there are some gift ideas for men that will be really appreciated.

1. A new work bag

gift ideas for men

How about a good quality work bag that is comfortable and stylish? Bonus points for gifting him with a new work bag! A tote is a beautiful option, and you can find some of the best men’s tote bags online on websites like Mirta for example. 

2. A bottle of a liquor he really likes

gift ideas for men

A bottle of liquor that he loves is always a good gift idea! Especially if it is a ‘special occasion’ alcohol. Gifting him with this will show that you pay attention to what he likes and he’ll have his favourite drink for when he wants it! This is a great standalone gift, as well as something to pair nicely with another smaller item. 

3. Wireless headphones

gift ideas for men

Wireless headphones are one of those items where you don’t understand how convenient they are until you have them! Gift him with wireless headphones that he can use during his commute, traveling, working out, and for those moments where he just wants to be in his own little world.

4. Beard grooming kit

A beard grooming kit that suits his own personal grooming needs is an essential for every man. If the men in your life don’t already have a beard grooming kit, this gift is a special idea that will give them a step up from a standard shaving routine with just a razor.

5. A smartwatch

fitness apps

If your guy loves to wear a watch but doesn’t have a smartwatch, or if he would simply find the convenience in having a smartwatch, this is a thoughtful idea as it is both a sleek item as well as one that he will find the benefits of in day to day life. Plus, there is nothing wrong with having more than one (or a couple of watches!) If he already has a sophisticated watch and a fitness band, for example, a smartwatch can be the perfect addition to his collection.

Personal gift ideas for men:


These are pretty general gifts that almost anyone will love. A great tip when considering what to give the man in your life is to pick up on any hints he may give for personal gifts, including things he likes or needs or that he mentions it would be ‘nice to have’. What are your go to gift ideas for men?

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