Splurge, spend and stocking fillers: Christmas gifts for Foodies

Splurge, spend and stocking fillers: Christmas gifts for Foodies

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for the foodies in your life look no further. We have compiled some ideas, grouped by price, to please anyone who loves to cook and eat, from top kitchen gadgets to delicious edibles!


Christmas gifts for foodies

1. How about a restaurant gift voucher? The perfect way to treat someone to a world class meal or a foodie getaway. Many fabulous restaurants offer gift vouchers in denominations of £25 or £50 that can be used towards a meal- so this can be a splurge or a spend!

quality food in Cambridge

Our top choices include:

2 Appliances!

Christmas gifts for foodies

KitchenAid stand mixer? Treat a loved one to this super-versatile piece of kitchen equipment. For those who love baking and cooking, this will be endlessly. This is a splurge (prices start at £299), but it is so hard wearing and tough it is built to last. They come in a range of colours and sizes and can now be personalised! Do shop around for this item, as sometimes you can grab a less popular or discontinued colour at a lower price. Those who love to cook would also hugely appreciate a KitchenAid dishwasher to help with the post cooking cleaning up.

online gifts for foodies

3. A cookery course is a fantastic experience for the enthusiastic home chef. There are many offered, all varying in price and length. I have my eye on the Oxfordshire based Raymond Blanc Cookery School, and also the wonderful Macaron courses and More in Norwich. Here are some more inspiration for these cookery gift experiences.


ice cream maker

1. Magimix ice cream maker: This simple to use but highly effective ice cream maker is the ideal gift for those with a sweet tooth. Just pick your favourite recipe or flavour and off you go. Price around £39.99.

great cookbooks for vegetarian and vegan recipes

2.A Recipe book: The gift that keeps on giving. A quality recipe book in my opinion should have a range of recipes that interest and inspire the home cook but most importantly produce delicious food. Meehna Sodha’s books are fantastic for delicious, fresh Indian food. Here are some of our other favourite vegetarian and vegan books.

online gifts for foodies

3.How about a delicious food delivery? There are many wonderful producers delivering their goods (beautifully gift wrapped) to your lucky recipient. Read our round-up of top online gifts for foodies here. Drink? How about the gift of water? A practical clack WS1 may be the one for you!

Stocking Fillers:

Christmas gifts

1.Measuring spoons: A kitchen essential. These stainless steel spoons are an excellent choice. They give you a range of measurements and are easy to clean. Many different brands are available.

personalised gifts

2.Personalised egg cup: I was shocked to find out that my wife had never had her own egg cup! I couldn’t allow this to continue so I ordered this excellent little wooden cup that can be personalised at the point of purchase. This was a few years ago and it’s still going strong.

stocking fillers for foodies

3. How about a personalised jar of your loved ones favourite spread? For peanut butter fans, London based Jackpot offer a fun, personalised 500g jar of their quality peanut butter for just £7 (standard pots are £5). Containing just 3 ingredients- peanuts, rapeseed oil and a pinch of salt, this is really delicious- we always have a jar in our house! You can also buy personalised Nutella!

Malteasers biscuit cake recipe

4. How about a hand made gift? Making sweet treats or chutneys for your loved ones is really thoughtful. There are lots of ideas at the following links:

We love to gift our biscuit cake recipe pictured above.

Or how about some ready made cocktails?

whippet Christmas gifts

Merry Christmas everyone and may it be filled with good food and wonderful gifts!

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