Amazing Michelin Star food: Restaurant Sat Bains

Amazing Michelin Star food: Restaurant Sat Bains

As returning customers to the amazing Michelin star food of Restaurant Sat Bains (2 Michelin stars) I thought ‘can this really be as good as last time?’ By the end of my 10 course tasting menu I discovered it wasn’t as good as our last meal- it was even better!

All the menus have been created using the five tastes of salt, sweet, sour, bitter and umami. Each course delivers a flavour hit that is staggeringly good.

Amazing Michelin star food
Veal Croquette, Peas,mint,shoots,hay, hollandaise.


It is true that all of the dishes were highlights but stand out dishes include veal croquette served with fresh peas,mints and shoots. A velvety hay infused hollandaise adds a lovely texture and extra flavour to this dish.

Assiette of Lamb- Memories of Montpelier 1999.

My favourite dish of the evening was the assiette of lamb. Studded with amazing flavours and delights, this Mediterranean influenced plate delivered fantastic flavours. The lamb perfectly cooked came in different guises along with a mixture of peppers and courgette. This dish alone is worth a visit.


Conclusion- Thai green curry ice-cream and candy floss.

Ingredients and ideas that are not often seen are common place in desserts here which makes them interesting and inventive.

Lenton Lane- Inspired by the rocky road.

Lenton Lane (the road which the restaurant is located on), is a take on the rocky road that leads you to the restaurant with ingredients from the surrounding areas. Packed with textures and tastes, this witty dessert is a hit with us.

Chocolate log:

The chocolate!

It is worth having a coffee to complete your meal not just because the coffee is delicious but it comes with a chocolate log! Yes a log with shards of different flavour chocolate jutting out which is sensational.

Scallop black 2018.

Amazing Michelin star food:

Sat Bains is one of the worlds best chefs and as result his restaurant is one of the worlds finest. He is always at the forefront of the industry and he continues to deliver exciting, flavoursome and interesting food. If at all possible, treat yourself and go.

On this occasion we stayed in one of the rooms on site, the ultimate luxury. When you have finished your tasting menu you can simply walk upstairs to your bedroom and slump into your king size bed, dreaming about your next visit.

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