Online Pampering Gifts: Cheshire Bath Boutique Review

Online Pampering Gifts: Cheshire Bath Boutique Review

I do love pampering products! A bubbly bath, a face pack, I love it all but I do insist on only using cruelty free cosmetics and I do have sensitive skin so am a little choosy where I buy them from. I was recently introduced to the Cheshire Bath Boutique by my lovely neighbour who has been a fan for some time. The start of a new and beautiful relationship with online pampering gifts for me.

Cheshire Bath boutique:

online pampering products

Cheshire Bath Boutique is an independent, artisan producer of quality bath, shower and body products made by Janine in Cheshire, U.K. The products meet high ethical and cosmetic standards and are simply wonderful! I placed my first order recently after being unable find hand sanitiser in the shop (let alone a cruelty free version) to take to work in school with me.


ordering online bath products

Ordering was a pleasure on this website of tempting treats. I opted for a moisturising lemon and peppermint santising spray, two bubble bars and a mint lip balm. Just a few days later I received my order (this was during the country’s lock-down so quite amazing), all beautifully packaged. The smell when I opened the box was unbelievable!

The bubble bars:

Cheshire Bath Boutique

Choose from a scrumptious range of bubble bars, bath crumbles and bubble scoops to transform a bath. I opted for bubble bars as I like to be able to get more than one bath from them. Pop a piece in the accompanying organza bag (no, they are not just to look pretty on arrival!), hang from the tap under the running water and watch the bubbles develop.

bubble bars

Look at these bubble! I used about a eighth of my Parma Violet bubble bar for this bath. They lasted for my whole soak too, feeling really clean and soft and smelling amazing. I sometimes find bubble bars can feel ‘soapy’ on the skin but not these. Priced at £4, these are great value, especially considering that you can get 6-8 baths from one bar.

The Lip Balm:

Another wonderful product- the heavenly scented mint lip balm. Other fragrances include G&T, bubblegum, Prosecco, mango, and cherry. The balm stayed on for a good time and really moisturised my lips. Priced at just £1.75, another great value product.

The hand sanitising spray:

hand sanitiser

I love the fresh scent of the lemon and peppermint santising spray and it really is moisturising on the hands. This is so important when you are using a gel or spray frequently. Other fragrances include lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus, and also unscented. The spray is priced at £6 and a little goes a long way. Find the sprays in the soap section of the website- one spray per order is permitted.

Online pampering gifts and other products:

Other products from Cheshire Bath Boutique include soaps, soap sponges,whipped sugar scrubs and gift sets. I have heard from a reliable source that the sugar scrubs are amazing so one of these will be on my next order.

A die hard Lush fan my whole life, I may now have been converted to these beautiful online cruelty free treasures. Excellent quality products at excellent prices- go on, treat yourself!

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