7 Ideas for Well Being in 2020

7 Ideas for Well Being in 2020

Are you someone who makes resolutions? For some of us, this time of year can be an excuse to refresh and improve our habits. A positive step… if the resolution is achievable and sustainable. Here are some easy ideas for achievable well-being resolutions.

Improve your breathing:

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With our busy lifestyles, our breathing can become shallow and we can feel overwhelmed and anxious. By spending a few minutes each day and focusing on deepening the breath from the diaphragm, we can feel calmer and ready to take on the challenges of life. Try these quick and easy breathing exercises.Try spending a few minutes each day exercising your breath.

Get more fresh air:

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A busy day at work can often mean no daylight or fresh air, especially with the dark evenings of the winter months. Daylight is beneficial for mood, improving sleep, the absorption of vitamin D, and so important for our general well being. Why not aim to get outside during a break for a 5-10 minute burst of fresh air and sunlight in your day?

Drink more water:

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Water is responsible for carrying nutrients all around our body, hydrating skin, lubricating joints, flushing out waste, maintaining blood pressure, and more, so is crucial for good health. The NHS recommends 6-8 glasses of fluid each day. Starting the day with a prepared water bottle in the morning and carrying it with you throughout your day is an excellent reminder to regularly hydrate. If you are not keen on water, try adding a slice of fruit or opt for a fizzy version?

Eat at least 5 a day:

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Many of us vow to eat better after the excess of Christmas. Regularly getting our five a day can make us feel so much physically and mentally healthier. Here are some excellent tips on incorporating more fruit and vegetables into your daily routines. Why not boost your five by some vegetarian or vegan days in your week? A great way to try new recipes and enjoy the delicious, natural flavours of those delicious vegetables. Find some inspiration in these tasty vegan and vegetarian recipe books.

Get more exercise:

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Finding something that you find enjoyable and manageable goes a long way towards maintaining a new years resolution of exercising regularly. Why not try running? It is excellent for mental health and weigh maintenance, it is free, and you can get oodles of fresh air. The Couch to 5k challenge is really accessible for beginners. Advice here on essential running kit.

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If you have a dog, walking (or running) with a furry friend is an excellent stress-buster, motivation to get active, and source of fresh air. For those who do not have a dog, Borrow my Doggy links willing walkers with dogs in need of walks.

Be more mindful:

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Being mindful can take many forms, for example through yoga, meditation, colouring, crafting, or perhaps through going for a massage or holistic treatment? An easy mindfulness activity is to simply stop and focus on what you can see, smell, hear and touch right now, in the present moment. This can help calm a racing or worrisome mind. Try rehearsing mindfulness for a few minutes each day.

Be kinder to yourself:

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Why not try being your own best friend? We can be guilty of not treating ourselves with the compassion and respect that we deserve, or with which we treat others. Be kind to yourself.

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Ideas for well being:

I hope that these ideas for well being have inspired a simple, positive change for the new year. Please add your new year tips for well being in the comments below.

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