Yoga and Pilates Instructor near St Ives: Helena Everdell Review

Yoga and Pilates Instructor near St Ives: Helena Everdell Review

I first discovered Helena through a yoga class at One Leisure and instantly enjoyed her fun style of teaching (and her taste in music)! Since acquiring a minor back injury, it is true that I am a little fussy about where I attend yoga classes- RNG Yoga being my other go-to class. I do however really enjoy and benefit from Helena’s yoga and Pilates classes at various venues. Helena offers a wide range of different yoga and Pilates classes near St Ives and a whole lot more, so why not give one a try?


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Through a flow style of teaching, Helena works the whole body through sequences and postures. The atmosphere of the class is relaxed, friendly and accessible for all. The ethos is only doing what is right for your body today.  More advanced options are given for each posture to challenge the more experienced class members. Music is played throughout the class, which really helps me to focus my mind and ‘zone out’.

Pilates Instructor:

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I’ve always been a yoga lover and to be honest found Pilates a little dull (sorry Pilates fans) BUT Helena converted me! She is a fun Pilates instructor so the class feels quite effortless to attend after a long day at work. Not physically effortless however; I really feel how hard I have worked the next day! The back and core strengthening work, the level of which you can choose to suit your personal ability and body, have paid off in my lower back and I have continued some of the core exercises at home. And yes, the music is played during these classes too!

Personal Training:

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Helena offers personal training sessions tailored to the needs of the client, so whether its gaining mobility and strength, rehabilitation, weight , knowledge and broad range of skills, she can work both body and mind in order to reach your goals. Book well in advance as she is very popular.


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Check out the fun events offered on Helena’s website. Why not try Hip-Hop Yoga, or Dog Yoga (yes with your dog). Helena also offers; ‘pre-wedding chill’ sessions to ease the nerves of the big day, hen parties (this would be my kind of celebration!), workplace events (to help employee’s manage stress and work life balance), and ‘sip and stretch’ sessions to incorporate a sociable drink and some delicious food- it is all about balance after all!  

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