The Best Mindfulness Gifts

The Best Mindfulness Gifts

Do we need an excuse to spoil friends and family with some wellbeing gifts.? I love really thoughtful and personal gifts. Here is a collection of some gorgeous, cruelty free, mindfulness gifts for lovers of self care and pampering.

Pamper products:

There are many excellent cruelty free pampering products to soothe the mind and soul. Here are some of my favourites:

This year’s Arbonne festive collection features exciting new products, gifts for kids and classic favourites designed with Post Consumer Resin (PRC) packaging and reusable gift bags so you can gift mindfully. The Sugared Amber Spa Set is perfect for giving your skin a treat and yourself some mindful ‘me time’.

This luxurious Haer Susinum hair oil is vegan friendly, cruelty free and 100% natural. It makes your hair so shiny and soft too. Light and non-greasy. A real treat!

mindful gifts

Tea and Tonic have some wonderful pampering gifts. Their bath salts are pure charcoal-filtered seawater of Anglesey, infused with pure essential oils. Perfect for a soak before a really great nights sleep. Their tea is also delicious.

ordering online bath products

I love online company Cheshire Bath Boutique who hand make a gorgeous range of bubble bars and bath products. Super foamy and they look and smell divine. Find more cruelty free brands here.

Mindful Exercise:

mindfulness gifts

Yoga is an excellent activity for physical, emotional and spiritual health. Gifting good quality kit, for example the Love leggings, yoga leggings, is a welcome present. They are soft and comfortable and come in different lengths to suit all heights *. An eco friendly yoga mat is also an excellent gift idea.

River Tweed

Running and walking aids positive mental and physical health. The blast of fresh air and nature can’t be beaten in my opinion. For those loving being outdoors, how about some winter running essentials?

Water for health:

Hydrating with water is a crucial part of overall health and wellbeing. Encourage water drinking with the BEAST of all water holders. It comes in a range of HUGE sizes and cool colours. It is double insulated so keeps drinks hot or cold and comes with a steel straw( $21.00). *

A mindful setting:

Candle gazing is a calming pastime. Combine the hypnotic flame with a heavenly scent and you have the perfect gift. Here are some of the finest cruelty free and vegan candles that you can really smell. Remember- you can never have enough candles and they are never a boring gift!

cruelty free candles

How about one of the Partylite candle collection? Their Be Pure commitment mean that you are buying into safe, clean, ethical standards. And they smell amazing!

mindfulness gifts scents

Or how about the fabulous scent of this reed diffuser by ARRAN Sense of Scotland? Capturing the unique aromas of spring showers on the island to really give you a sense of peace and tranquillity. This company proudly protect the environment by making their products cruelty free, plastic free and by actively minimalizing their carbon footprint.

Plants can also have a positive impact on your mental health, cleaning the air in your surroundings. The perfect gift then! Ideas for houseplants that clean your air here. Other great gifts for plant lovers here.

Mindful activities:

ink and drop prints

A beautiful print, full of detail like this sweet fox from Ink and Drop can offer a focus for mindfulness. Some people enjoy mindfulness colouring. There are many beautiful books for this so gift with a set of quality pens or pencils. Any activity that requires focus will aid mindfulness and help to steady a busy mind.

mindfulness gifts

I enjoy losing myself in my Where’s Finn book by Yappy. Based on the popular Where’s Wally concept, you are able to personalise the book to include your own pet’s name, breed and colour, priced £21.99*. For 6-12 year olds, try the beautiful activity book Create Your Own Calm which is full of practical ideas and tips for children.

Health from the inside:

Fruit smoothies aid health from the inside. For time challenged loved ones, gifting a smoothie subscription can help them on their way to 5 a day. *


From goats milk, Kefir aids the immune system, digestion and the skin. It contributes to normal muscle function and can reduce tiredness & fatigue. Subscribing to kefir may not be an obvious gift idea but really can aid overall health.*

great cookbooks for vegetarian and vegan recipes

Recipe books crammed with fresh, healthy ideas are a perfect gift idea for those conscious of a healthy body and mind. See our favourite meat free cookbooks here.

Mood balancing

This vegan, cruelty free CBD Our remedy boasts helping to relieve symptoms of period pain, mood swings, hormone imbalance, anxiety and sleep disruptions. Soothing and natural and with great results.


Great spa days in Suffolk

A voucher for a treatment or spa day is guaranteed to please your lover of self care. Choose their favourite therapist or salon and watch their eyes light up!

A mindful Christmas:

Virtual gifts can also be a wonderful, products free way of spoiling someone you love. We hope that you have a peaceful and mindful festive period. Please share your well being gift ideas in the comments below.

We were kindly asked to review some of the products in this collection (marked with *). We only featured products we considered excellent and as always all views are our own.

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