Planning my First Skiing Holiday

Planning my First Skiing Holiday

Have you thought about if and where you would like to travel now that it is more safe and accessible to do so? Whether you are planning family travel or a solo venture, it is exciting to have the choice of getting away back. I have my eye on my first skiing holiday and can’t wait to try the sport I have been wanting to experience since my teenage years.

Where to travel?

fist time skiing holiday

We will definitely we heading for some food adventures as soon as possible but I also fancy trying a snow filled holiday. I have never been skiing or snowboarding but would really love to try it. I have taken lessons and know that I need to take many more if we were to book a trip. I would love to snowboard (it looks so cool!) but found this harder than skiing when I tried it so perhaps need to realise my limits for a first timer.

Why a first skiing holiday?

first skiing holiday

There are many benefits of a snow holiday. A snow-sports holiday appeals to me because I love being active on holiday and also love open spaces and beautiful views. Snow scenes always look so peaceful and getting warm and eating great food after appeals to me greatly. Destination wise, I am thinking of the Sierra Nevada in Spain will be the destination. Why? Well, because of the opportunity for tapas in Grenada after a day in the slopes of course. I have also heard great things of the gourmet La Cantina de Diego.

Getting the kit:

Protest ski wear

Snow-sports holiday shopping would be a must of course. I know that it needs to be practical but it can look stylish too right? I love the Dutch company Protest‘s range, especially their snuggly fleeces. On my list, some ski trousers to keep warm and dry and a women’s ski jacket. Jon has recently bought a men’s ski fleece from the range and has his eye on the men’s ski jackets which look so warm and comfortable. As a newbie, I have been referring to the guide for ski boots which has been really helpful.

Where will you go?

I do hope that we are able to take out trip soon. Where will your planning take you? Please tell us in the comments below.

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1 thought on “Planning my First Skiing Holiday”

  • This post reminds me of the joy of my first ski holiday in Austria. We arrived in darkness and could not believe the beauty of the place when we woke up in the morning. I am not a natural skier but they have these little ski huts on the way down where you can have a warming gluwein and by the time I got to the bottom I felt like an Olympic star!

    This was a long time ago – I got my ski gear from C&A! (I still have the trousers!)

    Absolutely go for it. The Sierea Nevada looks amazing and Spanish food is always a winner.

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