Is Travel Insurance Worth it?

Is Travel Insurance Worth it?

Booking a flight abroad, planning an itinerary to see a tourist destination, or looking to get away from your normal life is an exciting experience. If you’re planning on travelling abroad, it is always wise to get travel insurance to ensure a safer and less stressful holiday.

A type of insurance plan, travel insurance is a contractual obligation between the company, Globelink travel insurance for example, and the individual which covers the loss suffered by reason or on the occasion of your travel. It can give you real peace of mind.  

Travel insurance, is it worth it?

Travel insurances offer a wide array of benefits suited for your trip. Among these benefits include the collection of claims in case a particular event occurs, such as the cancellation of flights, loss of money, passport or other necessary travel documents, in the case of unforeseen accidents.

In travelling, you should also include in your primordial considerations your health and general wellbeing. There are some travel insurance plans which require applicants to disclose pre-existing medical conditions and even a medical assessment. These types of travel insurance plans are more tailored-fit to cater to special medical attendance, thus much more expensive than the average plan. Failure to comply with such requirements may result in the invalidation of your insurance.

 Does travel insurance cover cancellation due to illness?

If your travel insurance is already in the works and you’re good to go, but your trip was cancelled due to unforeseen illness, worry not because your insurance plan has still got you covered. The travel insurance plan also extends where cancellation of the trip was due to a family member falling ill.In the event your trip gets cut short, and you immediately need to go home, you can claim unused trip expenses so long as it is due to an illness (may it be yours, a family member, a travel companion, or a business partner).

When abroad, one of the benefits of getting travel insurance is because it is comparatively more comprehensive in scope compared to health insurance. Some medical treatments may not be covered by health insurance such as repatriation costs or a medical escort when in case you need to travel home with assistance. In case you happen to fall ill while on a trip, travel insurance covers for emergency medical costs.

Travel insurances also include emergency evacuation should you happen to fall severely ill, which requires extensive medical attention that the local medical facilities cannot immediately provide. However, the coverage for illness does not extend to paying the unused prepaid trip expenses if the cancellation was due to illness related to a pre-existing condition.

Excluded in the benefits of travel insurance related to cancellation due to illness is the unused prepaid trip expenses. If you have a medical history and pre-existing medical conditions, consider looking for insurance plans which cover it.

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