Must-Know for Winter Tyre Safety and Maintenance Tips

Must-Know for Winter Tyre Safety and Maintenance Tips

Written for us by Katie Ross

The tyre safety of any vehicle is of the utmost importance, particularly in the winter months. Driving on damage tyres can cause a road accident. The maintenance of your tyre goes a long way in making sure they are durable and have good performance. In this article we will discuss tips that will help you maintain your tyres and keep them and you safe at all times.

Regularly check your pressure:

The performance of your tyre depends on its inflation pressure. When your tyres inflation pressure is right, their performance will be perfect as well. Your car is also safer with properly inflated tyres and you will also save on fuel. The level of inflation pressure required for your tyres is usually labelled in your owner’s manual. Under inflation causes air loss and cracking of the tyres. Over inflation on the other hand makes the car stiff causing vibrations. An over inflated tyre increases the likelihood of the car damaging on hitting anything.

Inspect your tyres:

Make sure you replace tyres that have tread depth of below 1.8 mm. Check the tread wear indicator when getting a new tyre to avoid going past the tread wear mark. Doing this helps prevent potential accidents when the road is slippery.

Don’t spin your tyres:

When your vehicle is stuck, spinning your tyres only causes them damage rather than help you out. Excessive spinning makes your tyres over heat and can damage them beyond repair.

Get them repaired properly:

When your tyres are being repaired the right procedures should be adhered to. When seeking to repair your tyres, Kent has many garages that offer great services with exclusive offers. For instance, buying tyres in Kent was never so easy but with Dartford Tyres you can book your tyres with just a few clicks. Their expert mechanics will take full responsibility of the task at hand.

Call on the professionals:

Unless you have the necessary skills, mounting of tyres should be left to professionals. Even if you have the training to do it on your own, it’s crucial that you stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Relying on your own knowledge may lead to tyre explosion which can cause severe injuries. The tyre diameter should be matched with the rim diameter. Sticking to the manufacturer’s recommendations is prudent.

Rotate and balance for tyre safety:

tyre safety

Rotate your tyres after a certain mileage or during the second oil change. This ensures they all wear off uniformly making them durable. It also helps achieve balanced handling. Balancing your wheels helps do away with unnecessary vibrations thus a smooth ride. It also ensures better handling and safety.

Following these tips will ensure that you are safe while enjoying your driving experience.

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