The Silver Linings of Lockdown- Positive Life Lessons

The Silver Linings of Lockdown- Positive Life Lessons

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown periods have been hugely challenging and worrying times for us. In the mask wearing, hand washing strangeness of today, I wanted to reflect and find the positive life lessons I have found so far. Here are my silver linings.

Walking my dogs:

feeding raw to dogs

Having the opportunity to walk my own dogs (most days) has been fabulous. We usually rely on wonderful dog walker so I miss this time. A lunchtime or after home-working walk with them really has been the highlight of the day for me . With the return to school, I will certainly miss that and look forward to getting them back for holidays and weekend walks.

Trying new recipes:

butternut squash risotto (vegan) recipe

Working from home gave me more time to try out some new recipes. We dusted off some books that we rarely use and tried some really great dishes, trying to avoid flour and yeast use of course! Some less great ones too it has to be said but I love trying out new ones all the same.


summer running

With the restriction of leaving the house once a day, my usual form of exercise (running) wasn’t always available to me as our outdoor time was spent dog walking. This forced me to try some new types of online exercise, for example online yoga ( I was attending the regular kind) and circuits. I have really felt the benefit of daily yoga and am determined to keep this up even though exercise is now unlimited.

Online catch ups:

being kind to yourself

There was prominent use of online catch ups during lockdown. We have enjoyed seeing family and friends virtually regularly, and probably talked to some more than we usually would. Online catch ups really helps us with missing our nearest and dearest and made me determined to convert the elderly relatives to use technology more when I can see them face to face. Watch out Nans!

Head space:

positive life

Having time to think and reflect has been a gift for me. With a slower, gentler, pace of life, I have been given the opportunity to care for my mental health and well being, and space to process the terrible daily news. Having time to lose myself in a good book, pop on a face mask, or meditate has offered escapism, and I have really focused on the important things in my life. This has been so refreshing when the world around us so challenging.


being kind to yourself

I have never seen such a variety of wildlife. Deer confidently relaxing in meadows, and large numbers of butterflies and birds- just beautiful! The online films of animals in deserted city centres certainly made me smile. Oh and the clear, bright, starry sky- breathtaking.


So many communities have come together during this difficult time, proof that us humans really are great. Neighbours helping each other, people shopping for each other, and everyone communicating more. The sense of community has been so reassuring and certainly had warmed my heart.

Peace and Quiet:

Scottish gin

I have discovered that I am quite anti social and I really like social distancing (minus the threat of the virus of course). When out walking my dogs and on my weekly shopping trips, I have loved the space and tranquillity, and the roads and pathways being quieter. This has confirmed that I would enjoy living in a more remote place.

A different way of shopping:

online pampering products

Having to plan really carefully for shopping has resulted in zero waste and a saving of money. There’s been no ‘nipping to the shop’ to buy more than needed and I have enjoyed using many local and small businesses, many of which I will continue to use. My favourites have been the weekly egg delivery from a local rescue hen farmer, and the gorgeous pampering products from The Cheshire Bath Boutique.

Working from home:

As many parents and teacher get to grips with home schooling, I have had, for the first time, the opportunity to try working from home. I have discovered that I am good at maintaining a routine and am very productive and focused in my house, even with the distraction of two very cute dogs and my husband. My job as a teacher doesn’t particularity lend itself to this however, but who knows, in the future perhaps!

Finding the positive life lessons:

positive life

There are many things to do on a rainy lockdown day and I am sure that, as a nation, we have developed our creativity. More family silver linings click here. What have been your positive life ‘sliver linings’ of this time?

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