Precious Presents for dog lovers

Precious Presents for dog lovers

There are many talented arts and crafts people making beautiful personalised presents for dog lovers. I LOVE the gifts I have received in the image of my dogs- they make me smile every time I look at them. Here are some brilliant people who are mirroring our pets and warming our hearts.

The Perfect Pins:

personalised gifts for pet lovers

These beautiful little pins were a gift from Jon and I couldn’t believe the likeness of my boys. Based on photographs of our whippets, these were made by the talented Elaine Graham, Instragram account @Little.Charm.Store.Also, all profits go to the Sighthound Rescue charity.

Little Charm Store

I love these so much I can’t risk wearing and potentially losing them, so I’m having them framed. A dog lovers dream and the perfect present for dog lovers.

Not Just for Christmas:


An adored Christmas gift that I look forward to getting out year after year. These beautifully hand painted tree decorations are from the American based shop whitedogart. They use photographs to create these little wooden treasures.

personalised gifts for pet lovers

I argue each year that they should stay out all year long but I suppose they are quite festive. Roll on December 1st hey!

Special Memories:


This beautiful little felt miniature acted as the perfect keepsake for my friends and their children when their dog sadly passed away. Cleverly made by Greytfelties, Basil sits in pride of place on the mantle.

personalised presents for dog lovers

We loved the Greytfelties much that we ordered our own whippet miniatures. Aren’t they fantastic? Every single marking has been considered- they are so accurate. Really personalised gifts for dog lovers everywhere.

Find Greytfelties on Facebook or Twitter.

Losing a precious pet is heartbreaking, so this thoughtful gift, made for our friend by her skilful sister at Goldstone Design, is so treasured. Using a cast of the beautiful Oscar’s paw, this was turned into a gold charm. Just beautiful.

Silhouette Art:


I bought these fabulous silhouettes for my husband as an anniversary gift. One of those things you buy and get to enjoy yourself (and I really do enjoy them). Based on photographs, each time I walk past I marvel at how much they capture the subtle differences of our whippets. Clever stuff EM+ME!

I have been watching Scalpel and Tweed‘s work too and will be ordering one of those soon. You can never have too many whippet silhouettes can you?

Mini models:

pet gifts

These little models are a beautiful gift for any pet lover. Made using photographs of your pet, they are a dinky bespoke sculpture of your beloved pet perfect for popping anywhere in the home. Find the Blinkin Bean on Etsy. Keyrings also available.

On your socks!

personalised dog socks

How about wearing your dog on your socks? I do just that quite regularly and it always brings a smile to my face. Printsfield Pet Socks and reasonably priced and such fun.

These products are not dog exclusive. All of these artists use photographs to create a likeness of all of your furry friends. I can’t think of a more adorable and welcome gift for any pet lover.

Perfect presents for dog lovers:

We hope that you enjoyed our ideas for presents for dog lovers. Please let us know your gift ideas in the comments below.

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