Local Dog Groomers- The Fairy Dogmother, Cambridgeshire

Local Dog Groomers- The Fairy Dogmother, Cambridgeshire
local dog groomers

A local star:

We have a truly amazing local groomer- The FairyDogmother. You may have heard of her as she appeared on the BBC’s Pooch Perfect recently and did very well indeed! We are huge fans of the services Kara and her team offer. Whippets don’t require a groom but we are regulars for claw trimming and have benefited from the teeth cleaning treatment too.

Professional Teeth cleaning:

My whippets had issues with their teeth. Despite great efforts with brushing, tartar build up on my dogs back teeth was bad enough for the vet to suggest descaling treatment. So rather than put the dogs through a surgical procedure, we tried the teeth cleaning service at The Fairy Dogmother.

tooth cleaning treatments for dogs
This is not either of my boys as sadly I didn’t take a before shot but Finns teeth were like these.

The treatment uses 100% ultrasound cleaning, so is gentle with no brushing or scraping. Motionless gentle cleaning works up to the gum line and tartar peels off in layers to revel clean teeth. The treatment prevents plaque, tartar formation and also looks after gum health. Costing £30 for the initial session, and £15 for each further treatment, this was stress-free for my dogs and a huge relief to me as an owner.

dental treatments for dogs
Jarvis after 2 sessions. He is 7 and this is 4 weeks after his last session.

The science behind the magic:

Ultrasound from the patented Piezo-Chip uniquely located in the head of the brush, creates up to 96 million air oscillations per minute, which, with the help of the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothpaste and water is all you need…

When the wet and switched on brush, emitting the ultrasound, comes in contact with the specifically formulated emmi-pet toothpaste, millions od microscopic nano bubbles are continually created and continually implode. This creates a suction effect which removes impurities such as germs, bacteria plaque and tartar.


The Results:

I honestly could not believe the results. Finn’s teeth were in bad condition and he took only 3 sessions before the tartar had gone. Jarvis’ teeth were slightly better so he had 2 sessions. They both still have a tiny amount of tartar on their very back teeth now which I keep on top of with regular brushing. This tooth treatment is something that we will use every couple of months to keep their teeth sparkly white.

The Miracle Maker:

Jarvis after his first nail trim with Kara.

But this is not the first miracle that The Fairy Dogmother had performed on our dogs. A few years back we hit a wall with nail trimming. For those that can, guideline for nail trimming here. We tried numerous local dog groomers, the electric filing machines, and even the vet with no joy.

Then our good friends at JK Petcare took them to a (at the time) new local groomer – The FairyDogmother. First try success! We couldn’t believe it. Now a good few years on, we visit regularly for claw trims and they trot in (with slight hesitation) and easily tolerate the trim.

I’ve watched Kara work her magic with our boys. She is so gentle and kind but holds them firmly so that they feel safe. It is obvious that Kara genuinely loves dogs and they love her. One of the local heroes for us dog owners I think! When looking for a dog groomer in Cambridgeshire look no further than the fabulous FairyDogmother.

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