Tractive Dog Tracker Review 2022

Tractive Dog Tracker Review 2022

We own two beautiful whippets. Recall is mostly good- note the mostly! Having a really reliable GPS on our dogs when they are off lead is vital to us, having had a few really scary experiences when they have dashed off after deer, rabbits etc. We first started using Tractive GPS for dogs back in 2020 and have since chosen to buy extra and update devices, continuing to subscribe as we have been so impressed with the Tractive Dog tracker product. Here’s why.

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Features of Tractive Dog Tracker:

Tractive has a really great quality specification. Some of the reasons that we love it are:

  • It Weighs less than 35g so suitable for smaller dogs (above 4kg) and delicate whippet necks.
  • It has a Live Tracking feature in real time with an unlimited range- it updates every 2-3 seconds.
  • The device is really reasonable at just £44.99 (you need a subscription to use the device).
  • The subscription costs from just over £3.33 per month (if paid in advance).
  • The device is easy to charge. and the battery lasts for up to 7 days before needing to be recharged. 
  • It is a IPX7 100% waterproof and shock resistant device that fits to different sized collars or harnesses so would fit on our existing harnesses. 
  • The virtual fence can be set to alert you if your dog wanders out of your designated safe area.


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The features listed above make off-lead action as relaxed as possible for us owners of dogs with wanderlust. Used alongside recall training, it really helps me feel calm and confident to enjoy zoomies and ball games out and about. The tracker has a light and sound feature making it easy to find if you happen to drop it in grass etc. It also has a dog safe power button so there is no danger of it getting accidently switched off by an active pooch. It is hardwearing and our devices have never fallen off or broken, despite frequent speedy runs, rolling in icky things, and muddy day-care. Tractive works by connecting to the best available mobile network – just like a phone – to provide location data everywhere your pet goes.


Tractive tracker for dogs

Using the Tractive dog tracker, you are able to monitor your dogs activity. You can set targets for minutes of activity and see how much activity your dog has achieved each day. See used calories, rest time, and get involved in local leader boards. This makes Tractive great for owners watching their dogs weight. Set up a cute and fun profile for your furry family and get going! Being 100% waterproof and shock resistant means that you can get out on adventures and not worry that the device won’t be working. Importantly, the compact, lightweight device is really comfy for your dog so they can happily exercise without even knowing they are being tracked!

Easy to use:


Tractive is super easy to set up on your phone and very easy to use. Charging is also simple and quick, lasting up to 7 days. Simply pop the USB charging cable in your power source and against your device. It is magnetic so no fiddle charging set up. Tractive works in 175 countries so is so accessible. Tractive is also for cats and there are 3 different colours to avoid muddling up leads and harnesses.

Money back guarantee:

Tractive for dogs

Tractive dog tracker is a brilliant device and I frequently recommend it to my friends an family. Postage is free. Environmentally conscious, packaging uses no plastic. It is also risk free as you can cancel within 30 days and get your full subscription fee back- no questions asked. So why not give it a go and see what you think? Happy stress-free walking dog lovers!

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