5 Things You Need to do Before Bringing Your Puppy Home

5 Things You Need to do Before Bringing Your Puppy Home

If you have made the decision to welcome a puppy into your home, congratulations! There are a number of things you need to do to get ready for your new arrival. It is such an exciting time for a new (or existing) owner, but it also requires some planning and foresight ahead of time to ensure your pup is happy and healthy in your home. Here are out preparation tips before bringing a puppy home.

Get the essentials:

bringing your puppy home

Some say that caring for a puppy is similar to caring to a baby and when it comes to purchasing essential supplies. If you are planning to welcome a puppy into your home for the first time, you will probably end up spending a considerable amount getting kitted out. This may include; food (check what type of food your puppy is eating with their current home), some suitable toys, puppy-safe treats, a harness and/ or a lead, a collar, a bed or crate, and pet-friendly cleaning supplies in the event of any accidents. You may also consider the use of puppy pads for toilet training. Happy shopping!

Organise pet insurance:

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Spend some time organising pet insurance. It can protect them in the event of a sudden accident or emergency and provide you with much-needed peace of mind. You can sometimes get a short free period of insurance when you first immunise your puppy at your vets to get your started but do your research and find good quality pet insurance for a longer term agreement. Other owners choose to have a saving account that they can access in the event of any illness or accidents.

Puppy-proof your home:


It is important to puppy-proof your home ahead of time to prevent your puppy getting hurt and protect your home from damage as your puppy explores their new surroundings. You may consider purchasing and installing a baby gate to limit their roaming space. Ensure that all breakable or precious items are no longer within reach in the space that they can access. Consider electrical wires and things that could fall on your puppy too. You should choose a place for their den or safe space. This should be somewhere that they can rest, sleep or spend quiet time undisturbed. This is particularly important if they will be living with young children. Being aware of foods that dogs can not eat is really important. Learn the toxic foods for dogs and store them away so they’re not accessible to your new pet.

Find a puppy group:

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Your puppy will need your time and patience to learn how you want them to behave. There are many excellent puppy training books which you should to pre-read before you collect them. Agree your family rules and what behaviour you want from your dog. A jumping puppy may be cute but an adult dog much less so! Start teaching your puppy the long term behaviour you want from them from day 1.

Find a puppy training group in your local area to give you support and to give your puppy the opportunity to learn and make friends. Organise this so that they can have valuable socialisation as soon as possible after their vaccinations. Some vets organise puppy play sessions too. Puppy training will reassure you that you are doing everything you can to ensure that they grow up to be a well-behaved and well-mannered dog. For guides on puppy training and care, visit ipetguides.com.

Find a great vet:

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Your puppy will need to visit the vet soon after arriving home for their vaccinations so do your research before bringing your puppy home. Find a good vet by asking local friends for a recommendation. Local Facebook groups can be useful for this. As previously mentioned, you may be able to join a puppy play session through your vet too. Getting your puppy used to the vet early will help them feel less anxious in later life.

Enjoy bringing your puppy home!

Enjoy your new addition to the family. Training a puppy takes lots of time and patience but it is completely worth it. Remember that they are learning to live in your world and ultimately just want to please you. Show them how by praising the wanted behaviour and trying to change the unwanted with a calm and gentle approach. Happy puppy time!

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