For Dogs on the Mend: Medical Pet Shirt Review

For Dogs on the Mend: Medical Pet Shirt Review


Poor Finn! Faced with using the dreaded plastic cone after an injury and surgery to his side. For dogs on the mend, we have always found the cone to be quite distressing, perhaps as distressing as the injury. With whippety long necks, they also manage to wiggle around in it and have a lick of the injured area. What was the alternative? A medical pet shirt!

Medical Pet Shirt:

Suggested by my sister, I tried a Medical Pet Shirt. She had been given one by her veterinary surgery and found it much easier to use that the traditional cone.

We found one at another local vets, which to my surprise, easily fitted our whippet (whippets can be tricky to fit due to their distinctive body shape). Instantly happy, Finn was comfortable and we could now relax knowing that his stitches were safe from sneaky licks and nibbles. 

Where to buy?

The medical pet shirt, which was from our local Pets at Home Vets, cost just over £20 (Finn is wearing a ‘small’ here), is breathable for the healing the wound, lightweight and comfortable. It didn’t restrict his movement, it did however need to be unfastened for toilet times! Made in the Netherlands, these suits are sold at some vets, and can also be bought online  . They can also be bought from Amazon

Medical Pet Suits 


Brilliant for Dogs on the Mend:

They make different styles of suits for different animals including cats and rabbits. A fabulous product. We will never use a cone again! These are HUGELY recommended for dogs on the mend. 

More dog friendly products and information here.  

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