Dog Fleece Jumper- Equafleece Review

Dog Fleece Jumper- Equafleece Review

Our dogs are fair weather, reluctant walkers and we soon discovered that warm clothing is essential kit for whippets. If it’s raining, or a touch too cold (or hot), the brakes are on. We therefore look for good quality whippet coats that will stand the test of doggy day-care, general wear and tear (cleaning off of the dreaded fox poo!), and not restrict the fast run.  We have tried no end of jackets- the wax, the puffer, oh I could go on and on. None of them seemed to last very long, but then we heard about Equafleece

U.K. based, Equafleece are often the talk of many whippet forums. They are not, of course, whippet exclusive, and make fleeces for a wide range of dog breeds (and even humans and horses). There are different styles to choose from and with helpful, informative staff to aid with the measuring process, we were quickly the proud owners of two of their slim fit dog jumpers. 

Dog fleece jumper:  

These dog fleece jumpers are amazing! They wash and dry easily. They are lightweight, comfortable (no irritating Velcro or seams to rub against bald tummies!), breathable for running and importantly, warm. The best part of all is that they are also rainproof. How fabulous it that? I cannot recommend this product highly enough. 

Here is proof that a flexible Equafleece dog fleece jumper does not hinder your ability to break your high jump record:

Top tip: To get the fleece on insert head then one leg carefully at a time. To remove fleece, gently encourage head down, slide fleece  over head first, then roll down to feet- et voila! 

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