What are Whippets like? Our A-Z of Owning a Whippet

What are Whippets like? Our A-Z of Owning a Whippet

Whippet owners adore the breed and fall head over heels in love with them- but why? Just what are whippets like to have in the family? Are they good pets? Here are some reflections of the long nosed folk, collected from many wonderful U.K. whippet owners who were asked to describe their hounds in 3 words. Using these words, we have compiled an A-Z of whippets which sums up what it is like owning a whippet and why they are simply the best!


Whippets love to cuddle and as a whippet owner, you will rarely be without a soft friend to snuggle up with. They are super loving dogs who brighten the dullest of days.


Daft as a brush, mad as a hatter, nutty as a fruit cake, a whippet will make you laugh each and every day with their zany antics. There really is never a dull moment with a whippet in your family. Have you ever seen a whippet after a bath or being caught in the rain? They spin and twist like crazy. We affectionately call this the ‘cat spins’. A whippet puppy will exceed ‘bonkers’, often being likened to a tiny, beautiful hurricane!


Only a whippet can get away with pinching your food, bed, seat etc. It is impossible to be cross with those beautiful faces and adoring eyes. They are perfectly built for stealth moves, such as counter surfing, due to their long necks and noses, strong legs on which to bounce, and their wily characters.

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Drama queens:

The most demanding of dogs, you will find yourself adopting the ‘whippet slave’ role without even knowing that it is happening to you. Scurrying around the house unfurling blankets, holding open cosy sacks, and lifting duvets are just a few of your duties. Embrace the job- it comes with many rewards. Things you will never hear a whippet owner say:

  • ‘Whippy will be fine sleeping on the floor.’
  • ‘No thanks, we don’t need a blanket.’
  • ‘Whippy will be fine without a raincoat.’
  • ‘Just leave that sausage roll on the table, whippy won’t touch it.’


The beautifully long limbed hounds are so regal. They nonchalantly strike a pose in every position and can model any fleece or pyjama outfit with class and panache. The supermodel of the dog world, don’t be surprised if you develop an obsession of photographing your whippet. It is a natural response to such a thing of beauty, please don’t worry!


An adult whippet can run at speeds of up to 56 km per hour! They are super fast and owners witness this when they see a deer/ squirrel/ rabbit. Watching a whippet run is a magical experience. They make speed look so effortless. After bursts of energy however they choose to snooze away the remaining hours.

dear new whippet owner


Whippets make loving, doting pets and have such gentle natures. I defy anyone to stroke a whippet and not feel instant calmness. When they have tucked away their zany side, they are the perfect chillout companion. Pop a blanket next to you and watch the cuddle happen.


I can honestly say that my whippets make me laugh every day. They are far more entertaining than television. Whether it is the dirty looks they throw (an owner referred to this as the stink eye!), the talkative chatter, or the silly choices they make, you will always be entertained with a hound in the house.


Whippets learn very quickly so training is fun with them. They may choose to ignore your commands however when they see something far more interesting- be warned. Whippets always have one eye open, even when apparently sleeping so be on guard.

what are whippets?


Us humans can learn a lot from dogs. They live in the moment and wear their heart on their sleeve by showing their owners just how much they love them each and every day. Life is all about happiness and fun for whippets. In life, be more whippet.


Whippets make an excellent companion and will shower you with love and kindness. If you are feeling under the weather you can rely on a soft, affectionate friend to stay close to you and be your number one fan.


People are always shocked when we tell them that our whippets are actually very lazy little couch potatoes. After their bursts of energy, they can usually be found wrapped in a blanket on the sofa or in one of their many beds around the house. They love sleeping and spend a good amount of their day doing just that.

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We have already discussed the cheeky nature of the whippet. They are naughty dogs who love to catch out their owners. It is usually food related mischief in our house. Marvel at the disappearing food magic tricks, gasp at the vanishing socks and be stunned as the needle nose reaches into your pocket and clears out all of your treats without you feeling a thing.


Have you ever tried to have a private moment with a whippet in the house? These are probably a thing of the past as whippets are notoriously nosy and love to know exactly what you are doing at all times. Yes, this includes the bathroom- prepare for the long nose around the door.


This word refers to the owners. We very quickly become completely head-over-heels in love with our whippets and start to thrive in our roles as whippet slave and photographer. Beware- whippets are highly collectable and you will find yourself developing a multi-whippet family before you know it. You will most definitely want whippet related gifts including these exquisite whippet pin badges which you can design now based on photographs!

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Like Mary Poppins, whippets are practically perfect in every way. Just some adjectives the wonderful whippet owners used to describe their perfect hounds included; beautiful, adorable, loyal, charismatic, loveable, and gorgeous. This gives you a flavour of just how wonderful the breed really is. I also want to add POINTY here, perfectly pointy!


Whippets have the combination of speed and intelligence so are a challenge to out wit as a mere human. Previous examples of their stealth food theft or treat extraction shows how alert you need to be as a whippet owner. Remember -they always have one eye open.


Whippets are stylish, cultured animals and suited to a life in the lap of luxury. The finest food, beds, treats, blankets and clothes (yes, some whippets have their own pyjama collection!). They ooze regal charm.

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Whippets are gentle souls who like their routines and calm lifestyle. They dislike chaos and seek a peaceful world of joy, fun and pampering. Many owners choose to use house sitters for their whippets or take them on holiday rather than send them to kennels for this reason. They like their home comforts and we think that they deserve them too.


What are whippets excellent at? Theft! We have mentioned the sneaky thieving that whippets get up to a few times now and that is very much intentional. As a whippet owner, you soon become aware of the no-go human food lists and spend time whippet proofing your home. You will not hear or see them stealing- they are extremely apt at this sport.


Perhaps an owner bias, but I really believe that whippets are uniquely characterful. They are cool and full of fun ,and life is never the same once a whippet has joined your pack. They can also be very stubborn. Any owner who has tried to walk their whippet in the rain will understand the use of this word. Whippets are wilful and communicative and will certainly let you know their thoughts and opinions on your actions.

whippet collars


A whippets coat is super silky and soft. They are extremely warm which makes for the perfect stroking conditions. Which part is your favourite? A silk-soft ear, a piglet like tummy or a swoosh along the velvety back fur? Many owners also love the biscuit like aroma of their fur. I wish they could bottle eau de whippet!


It is important to work very hard on recall with whippets due to their see-chase nature. The sighthounds are just following their natural instinct after all, but the whimsical nature of the whippet means that they will often surprise you. They are usually one step ahead of any action too!


Whippets are excellent at sniffing out the most disgusting things to roll in (and sometimes eat). Their favourite perfumes include fox poo and rotten corpse. Watch the absolute delight on you whippets face as it boogie-woogies on its back, rubbing that fowl scent all over its coat.

getting a secong dog


It is so apt that we end our alphabet with the word zoomies as this really does separate whippets from the doggy pack. The crazy circles, ears pinned, are a marvel to watch. The utter pleasure on your whippets face as they whizz around is a heart warming and magical sight.

There are so many reasons to love a whippet. What are whippets best features to you? What do you love about them most? Please let us know in the comments below.

Getting a hound? See our information and advice for new whippet owners here.

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  • My whippet, Rupert, is certainly true-to-type. He is my constant companion and, as illustrated here, I certainly have become his slave.

    • I have two whippets Luca and Dixie,they are brother and sister and I love them to bits they have helped me through my struggle with depression and they took on our little rescue beagle lassie as there own. Absolutely brilliant little creatures they are 🙂

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