Why All Humans Should Be More Dog

Why All Humans Should Be More Dog

Have you ever wondered why dogs are always so joyful? Dogs have many qualities that would really help us humans in our daily lives. So why should we all try and channel our inner canine and be more dog? Here are just a few reasons why.

Dogs keep it simple:

sharing food dog

Dogs have just a few basic needs – food, love, exercise and little else. They are eternally grateful and content when these needs have been met and endlessly show their gratitude and love. They don’t long for the bigger house, or the newer car- they just want enough to be. Dogs simply love life! They embrace each day and the simplicity of their needs.

Dogs live in the here and now:


Dogs simply live in the present moment. They don’t look back and regret the past or worry about what is to come. They don’t have a wandering mind when they are out enjoying themselves. If they are on a walk, you will see in their joyful face that they are simply loving that exact moment- the smell of a weed, that treat, the sound of their owners voice.. and nothing else. There is something very lovely about that.

Dogs are their own true self:

Dogs are true to their feelings. They are not self conscious and ‘let it all out’ as they feel their emotions. Don’t we just love that waggy-tail greeting after a day at work and the adoring looks? Dogs really don’t care of what other people think of them- they run as fast as they can, bark as loud as they can, wiggle as much as they can, and sleep as deeply as they can.

Dogs have zest for life:

happy dog

Energetic and active, dogs love nothing more than fresh air and exercise and are always up for some activity and fun. Super excited by the arrival of their lead, owner, food bowl, they are infectiously positive and fun. I defy anyone to come home to their dog and not smile!

Dogs are the perfect friend:

dog careers

Dogs are super loyal, they are always there for their humans and will always selflessly love them, no matter what. They are excellent listeners and extremely emphatic- they instinctively know when their owners are in need of a cuddle. Dogs are consistent and trustworthy- the perfect BFF!

What beautiful qualities our furry family have. Us humans have plenty to learn from them.

How can we be more dog?

mindfulness tips

We can be more dog by spending a few minutes each day being in the present moment. This can be as simple as sitting in a quite space, technology off, and focusing on the sounds, smells and sensations you can sense around you. Notice your breath entering and leaving your body.

Like anything, being mindfully present takes time to master- “I now meditate two or three times a week. Mindfulness is simply exercise for the mind, similar to the way we exercise our muscles when we play sports.” Bill Gates, Co-founder, Microsoft. Here are some tips of how to get started with mindfulness.

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