Bring it on! Your Forties and beyond

Bring it on! Your Forties and beyond

Crossing the milestone into your forties can be a really exciting time of change and rediscovery. However it may feel daunting. When you reach a ‘certain age’, different priorities surface and plans need to be made. This may involve physical adaptions, as well as putting some rather clever plans into place for the future. Here’s what you can do to hit your forties in style!

Stay Active

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It is really important to keep mentally and physically healthy at all ages, and your forties are no exception. The great thing is, you have the experience to know what you want to enjoy with your spare time and money, so can choose a type of exercise or activity to suit you. This might be involving the family, your partner, friends, or simply time to yourself. Maybe get a check up or tend to your teeth- this dentist who does dental bridges in Harrisburg NC also recommends routine doctor visits to make sure that you are in good health.

Start saving

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If your circumstances allow, saving can offer peace of mind in a climate of high living costs and uncertainty. If you have children, you might want to consider saving money in a Wealthify Junior ISA as well as undertaking general savings for your child’s needs in the present. This way, you have some financial backing to allow them to gain independence in the form of driving, getting their own place, or even starting their own business. Whatever your situation, depositing small amounts of money over a number of years can be less of a strain on your finances and feel very good in the future or during times of need.

Consider your time

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Spare time can feel unobtainable with our busy lifestyles and we can feel that we no longer have the opportunity to engage in some of the activities we previously enjoyed. Try to remember to give yourself time to do something you genuinely love regularly. This might be time for self care, a walk in nature, lunch with a friend, a bubble bath, or having some time together as a couple. Giving a few minutes each day for mindfulness can really pay off.

Write a will

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A will may be something that none of us want to think about, and seem bleak, but can also offer peace of mind and security to you and yours. If you have children, having a will may not only aid with diving up your assets but also signify who the child’s guardian should be. In many cases, if one parent dies, the child may continue living with the other. However, you may also want to consider the situation if both of you were no longer around. Choosing a trusted individual can be difficult, but it is important that this is done. Make your wishes known so that you can get on with living life to the full.

Embrace change

Our forties and fifties are a key time for change for many. Some find that their children are growing up and becoming more independent, even leaving home for example. For women, the menopause may bring significant physical and emotional changes. However, it can bring an opportunity to revaluate what you really want to prioritise in life. Consider your wellbeing. Reconnect with the things (or people) that make you feel good and that you truly love.

Putting plans into place and being mindful now can make things significantly easier for the future. Whatever your circumstances, enjoy this phase of life to your individual full.

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