10 Achievable Things to Boost Your Wellbeing

10 Achievable Things to Boost Your Wellbeing

Guest posted for us by Emily Jones:

Taking care of yourself, body and mind, can look different for everyone. With so many ways to be a happier person and boost your wellbeing, it is all about finding what works for you, and understanding that what works best for you can shift through time, life events, and even day-to-day life. 

Here are 10 easy ways for you to boost your own wellbeing:

1. Workout more:

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Exercising is incredible for your physical and mental health, and getting more movement and exercise throughout your weeks can do wonders for your wellbeing. Even just an extra 20-30 minute walk during a break during your day or perhaps in substitution of time in a car will give you benefits that you’ll really feel. You may wish to get a body MOT as part of the fitter you. Taking care of your body niggles, for example, getting a dental check, having your blood pressure checked, or dealing with ear wax removal in Harrow is a good start to showing your body some self love.

2. Learn something new:

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Learning something new stimulates your brain and while you benefit from the brain benefits, you also gain the confidence as you learn a new skill. So, imagine something you’ve always wanted to learn or something you’d love to learn and go for it! For example, learning a foreign language via apps like Babbel for example, is very fun and could help you connect with your heritage and family members. Learning an instrument could be your way to unwind and be creative, and learning how to kickbox or taking an online yoga teaching course. This could give you a major confidence boost.

3. Practice meditation:


Meditation is a practice that helps you feel better, connect to yourself, and reduce stress. It does take practice and you may have some days that you find you are able to meditate more peacefully than others, but it is worth keeping up with to better your practice and feel even greater benefits! For starters, you can do a class, use a meditation app, or simply focus on your breath and quiet any thoughts in a quiet environment for a few minutes.

 4. Don’t skip on sleep:


Sleep is essential for good health and your wellbeing because it is your body’s time to rest and recover. So get quality sleep every night for better health and you’ll find you function even better throughout your days.

5. Find a new hobby:


Finding a new hobby gets you out and trying something new, and it brings you happiness as you find something you enjoy! So think outside the box and take the initiative to do or even just try something that interests you. Perhaps try a new hobby or sport, or finding a great lifestyle blog to read- whatever it is that you enjoy.

6. Spend time with family and friends:

family and friends

Spending time with family and friends makes you feel connected to loved ones and often at times, to yourself. Many find they feel rejuvenated after some quality time with family and friends and a boost in wellbeing. Physical contact with others and hugs are good for our health so make plans today!

7. Spend time outside and in nature:


Spending time outside and in nature helps you to feel grounded and gives you a break from technology and everyday responsibilities. For even greater relaxation and a boost in your wellbeing, leave your technology at home and get outside even just for 15 minutes every day.

8. Volunteer: 


Feeling a part of something plays a key part in staying mentally healthy, and volunteering is a way you can give back and feel connected. This is incredibly beneficial for your wellbeing, as it has been shown people’s happiness and wellbeing can reach a stalling point before they find their way of giving back.

9. Take a trip:

Getting out of your usual environment and going on a trip somewhere can help boost your wellbeing as many people can find it an opportunity to give yourself permission to relax and recharge. As daily responsibilities at home aren’t with you, you can focus on simply being where you are.

10. Practice gratitude:

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Practicing gratitude helps you focus on the positives in life and can help shift your overall outlook. To help practice gratitude, write down 3-5 things that you are grateful for every day. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like.

Do you boost your wellbeing?

Do you practice any of these habits? Or are there other activities that you find benefit you as a person? Let us know in the comments below.

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