Help! I can’t sleep! Reflexology for Insomnia:

Help! I can’t sleep! Reflexology for Insomnia:
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Sleep gives our brain and body a chance to rest, repair, and prepare for the next challenge. There are also many other health benefits from a good nights sleep. This is why it is vital for our health and wellbeing. If you are feeling fatigued but unable to sleep here are for ideas of how to cope. If you fatigue is persistent and a change in your usual energy levels, perhaps get a health check or visit your G.P for advice.

A busy mind can make it difficult to get to sleep, or achieve a relaxing sleep. This reflexology for insomnia offers self help strategies and tips for those finding sleep a challenge.

What is reflexology?

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Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and ears that link to every part of the body.

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These reflex points are stimulated using massage techniques to promote balance, well-being and relaxation. As a qualified Reflexologist myself, I am a huge fan and promoter of the power of Reflexology.

Preparation for bedtime:

Good habits alongside reflexology can really help you to get a good nights sleep. Develop a healthy sleep routine, including exercising during the day. This helps to manage adrenaline, release endorphins and set you up for a positive, relaxed evening.

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Adopting a calm bedtime routine to help promote a deep sleep. Try a relaxing bath, reading a book, or snuggling up with a pet- this works for me every time! Think about making your sleeping space relaxing, perhaps consider the feng shui of your bedroom? Create a relaxing, clutter free space that you want to spend time in. Maybe treat yourself to some new furniture or get involved in some bedroom decoration to really love your sleeping space. Using beautiful wall murals can really set the scene for relaxation.

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When in bed, don’t be tempted to watch television or use a mobile phone screen as this is proven to interrupt sleep. Put your phone in a drawer, or even better keep it out of the bedroom.

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Use a sleep balm such as Elemis Quiet Mind Temple Balm, or Neals Yard Goodnight Pillow Mist to help you relax. These are both cruelty free brands. If you are regularly unable to sleep, it is a good idea to try and find the cause of your insomnia so that you can address any underlying issues.

The reflexology for insomnia:

Now to the reflexology! To work the target reflex point, use a pressure that feels pleasant to you. Use a pressing, pushing motion with your thumb over the reflex point, breathe deeply and slowly as you do so. Try to focus your mind on the points, perhaps listening to relaxing music and in a quiet space.

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First, calm the mind by working on the head and brain reflex. This is located on and across the top of the thumb on each hand. Pay particular attention to the top, outside edge of each thumb as this is the Pineal gland which helps to control sleep. Press and massage as deeply as feels comfortable whilst taking a deep, slow breath in. Release the pressure as you slowly exhale.

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Then to the solar plexus reflex which is wonderful for promoting a sense of calm. Located below the joints of the index and middle finger. Apply a comfortable pressure to this area, front and back and hold this for a few seconds, inhaling as you press and slowly exhaling as you release the pressure. Working along your hand horizontally, across the finger joints as this will also stimulate the diaphragm reflex point which is also very calming.

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Now to the adrenal glands which work very hard during stressful times. To locate the point on the hands, draw a V with your fingers down your index finger and thumb. The point should meet in the middle of the Venus mound. Hold here gently in the fleshy, web part of the hand. To use this with breathing, inhale through your nose as you hold on both sides of the hand and exhale slowly as you release the pressure. Use a gentle pressure on this reflex.

Using breathing exercises alongside:

Reflexology for insomnia

Once you have stimulated and balanced using your reflexology points, try a simple breathing exercise to help drop off to sleep. For our favourites click here.

Dedicating some time to finding these reflex areas will make the routine more relaxing and natural when you come to use it at bedtime.

Wishing you a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

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