Balance Me Reflexology:

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy. During times of stress, illness, or simply through our busy, modern lifestyles we can feel out of balance. By stimulating and re-balancing reflex points on the feet, using pressure and gentle massage techniques, we can promote and restore balance, well-being, and relaxation. Other benefits of this wonderfully relaxing treatment include; release of tension, improved sleep, improved mood, and more.

Who can benefit?

Everybody- young and old. As a qualified teacher, I am fully DBS checked and qualified to work with Children and Young Adults. I am also able to offer help with relaxation/ study tips on request. The result of reflexology can be very powerful and beneficial to our overall physical and mental health.

Where to find us:

I regularly offer reflexology treatments from the St Ives Wellness Centre. Mobile visits are also available for local clients. For more information please contact me at: or 07534 420630.


Each session is priced at £38. Please allow 75-90 minutes for the initial consultation. Treatments thereafter are approximately 45-60 minutes. For children and young adults, shorter treatment are offered at a reduced price of £30.

Leaving minimal footprints on the world:

I will always use cruelty free products during treatments and use minimal laundry and consumables, which are washed using eco-friendly and cruelty free laundry detergents.

Covid-secure treatments:

As per the Association of Reflexologists guidance, the following changes will now be in place to treatments in your home:

  • You will be asked to complete a risk assessment form before each treatment, preferably via email, this is to check that it is safe to go ahead with the reflexology.
  • In your home– Where possible, treatments will be offered outside. If this is not possible, I will touch minimal surfaces in your home, asking you to open doors where necessary. I will use wipes to clean feet as opposed to using hot water from your kitchen.  
  • Paperwork- I will not bring any paperwork to your home, instead asking you to confirm any changes before the treatment and updating my records when I get home.
  • Hand washing – I will wash or sanitise my hands before entering your home, before and after your treatment. I ask that you wash or sanitise your hands before the treatment begins too.  
  • Clothing– I will use clean, dedicated clothes/uniforms for treatments that will be changed between clients.
  • Cleaning – all equipment and materials (such as the lafuma chair, towels, coverings or sanitisers etc will have been fully cleaned before they are brought into your home and sanitised again before leaving. The fabric areas of the lafuma chair (arms) will be covered in plastic, which will be changed each time it is used.
  • Facial coverings– I will be wearing a facial covering and kindly ask you to wear one too – even a scarf is fine (ideally double layer cotton). If you do not have a face covering, or have a reason not to wear one, please let me know prior to the treatment.
  • Chair or couch – I would prefer to use your couch or reclining garden chair for treatments and be outside wherever possible. This is to limit the number of things I am bringing into your home for your safety. If this is not possible, I will bring a treatment chair and carry out the reflexology in a well-ventilated room, maintaining social distancing. We will arrange this via email before the treatment.
  • Clean linen Towels and soft furnishings- fresh linenswill be used for each client as usual. Where possible, I will use the client’s towels and pillows and ask you to provide your own blanket if required, again to minimalise what I am brining into your home. If this is not possible, I will bring clean pillows and towels in a sealed bag and take them away with me to wash.
  • Waste- all wastewill be taken away with me and disposed of in line with Government Guidelines.
  • I willuse anti-bacterial wipes or spray to clean your feet before the treatment begins. All balms and lotions will be in sanitised containers, and fresh spatulas used per client as usual.
  • Payment- all payments to be made remotely via Paypal or bank transfer.

Cancellation Policy:

Please allow at least 24 hours’ notice when making a cancellation. This allows someone else to have your booking, otherwise full payment of missed appointment may be requested before you can book again – Thankyou

Melanie Varey- MAR, Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology, Anatomy and Physiology, Reiki Level 1