Travelling with your Dog? Your Travelling Essentials List

Travelling with your Dog? Your Travelling Essentials List

Taking a road trip or a dog friendly holiday with your furry family is a wonderful experience, especially if you are travelling alone. They can offer companionship and share the experiences with you. If you are planning to travel with your dog, then you should consider what you need to take with you to help keep them healthy and comfortable. Here, then, is a travelling essentials list of everything you will need to be prepared for your tri. For the actual journey and for the holiday itself.

Dog harness

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A good harness will be a key part of your dog’s travelling luggage. You will need a harness for their walks, such as the highly regarded Ruffwear Flagline Harness for dogs. You should also think about how your dog will be secured in the vehicle while you travel. Some dog owners keep their pets in a caged area at the back of the vehicle. However, for longer journeys, for their comfort, your dog may be best in the vehicle with you. make sure they are safely attached to the seat belt using a good quality harness.

Bedding and blankets

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If you are taking your dog on their first trip, then you should try to make them as comfortable as possible. Taking familiar things with them that smell of home will be a great comfort. Taking along one of theie blankets and their bedding can be a good way to help them relax in their new environment. Blankets in the car can also help nervous dogs settle down and go to sleep. If you need to take new bedding with you, then you should try to have it around the home for a while before you travel, so that it picks up the scent of home.

Lead and muzzle

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If you are going to be travelling to other countries, you must be aware of their laws regarding dogs. Some countries require larger dogs to wear a muzzle when on public transport and in public places. You should take a muzzle with you and ensure your dog is used to wearing it before you travel. A muzzle can also be useful if you have a scavenger like us!

You will likely need at least two dog leads when travelling; a short lead for trips to the local shops or when on public transport, and a longer lead when walking your dog. You should probably take one or two spares with you as well in case you lose one or they break.


dog toys

If your dog loves to play with their toys, then you should take a selection with you on the trip. Not only will this help keep your dog happy and occupied, but it will also be something that reminds them of home, which will help them relax. You can still buy them toys on your trip, but something familiar, especially their favourite toy, will keep the sense of routine and familiarity that they need.

Poo bags

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These are an essential part of leaving the house at any time! You should take more than you will need just to be safe. Many dog poop bags are now biodegradable and there could be specific bins available for them, so you should ensure you bring some with you that are compatible. Us owners have them in every pocket don’t we.

Plan regular stops on your journey so your dog can stretch, and do their business need be. If this is within their usual routine, that is a bonus. Dogs love their routine, so trying to keep to this as much as possible will help them adjust.

Food and water

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Take food and water for your dog during the journey; however, you also want to try and bring food for the rest of your trip just in case you cannot find any of the same brands that they get at home. Any new food should be introduced slowly and gradually so do your research to where you can buy the usual brand or take plenty with you. Similar too with any treats – make them ones you have used before. This will avoid your dog having an upset tummy while away from home.

Regular access to water is also vital to keep your dog hydrated and healthy when travelling. Take enough with you to last the trip until you can access more. You can also find free water taps at certain locations, so you should be sure to take a refillable water bottle with you for your dog to use, plus a travel water bowl.


calm your dog

If your dog takes any medication, then you must ensure that they have more than enough for the trip you are taking. Bringing a little more than your dog needs will help if some gets damaged or lost. If you run out on your journey or holiday for any reason, you are urged to seek a vet as soon as you can so that they can prescribe more. For this reason, take any documents with you about your dog’s medical conditions. Taking a dog first aid kit with you can also offer peace of mind.

Your travelling essentials list:

These are the essential things that you should take with you on your trip. However, there may be other things that your dog likes to have around that you should probably take as well. If you are travelling a longer distance, be sure to check out the rules and regulations of your destination too. What is on your travelling essentials list? Tell us in the comments below.

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