Taking Care of your Pet While Travelling

Taking Care of your Pet While Travelling

Pets are part of the family for many of us. Therefore, traveling with pets is a common thing. But is it possible to make a journey for your pets more convenient and less stressful? of course it is! The most important thing there is to take care of their nutrition. In this post, you will find tips on feeding your pet while travelling and more.

Safe and cosy:

arthritis in dogs

Prepare your pet by making sure they are used to short journeys before embarking on a longer one. Use a safe harness or crate for dogs and a carrier for cats and ensure that they are securely fastened in. Advice for car travel here. Advice for travelling abroad here.


Even if you are going to have a short trip with a pet, it is always necessary to take water with you. Whatever the weather pets, like humans, need access to water rather than exclusively after exercise or in hot weather. If you are travelling by car, build in regular stops and opportunities to offer water to your pet. They may be feeling more stressed than usual so will need to stay hydrated more than ever. You can buy foldable travel bowls from many pet stores. Never leave your pet unsupervised in a car due to their health and safety. Even with open windows, cars can be deathly hot for pets and they also risk being stolen.

If you’re traveling by plane, it might be a good idea to buy a bottle of water in the duty-free zone or restaurant (remember that the security won’t allow you to take your own water to the plane.) Most veterinarians don’t recommend giving tap water to cats and dogs whilst travelling in case it upsets their digestion. Use bottled water to be safe.  

Follow their regular diet:

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The best thing you can do for your pet during a journey is to follow its regular diet as much as possible. If you haven’t chosen the most fitting one yet, it is never too late to consult the veterinarian regarding this issue. Moreover, you can easily research top dog foods by yourself. If you plan to take a cat with you, don’t forget to choose the most suitable feed for it, too. To select the best one, feel free to read sheba cat food reviews and other feedback shared by happy pet owners. 

Avoid giving your pet new types of food or human food in transit (even if they make a sad face!) in order to avoid the risks of allergy, diarrhoea, and other health conditions.  Stick to normal and plain when feeding your pet while travelling.


feeding your pet while travelling

If you are going to have a long journey by car, don’t forget to make regualr stops for exercises. The reason is that the dogs and some other pets are active animals and might suffer from a lack of movement. Not only your furry friend will start feeling happier from a short play, friesh air and contact with you but exercise will also speed up its metabolism. If your pet is tired from running and playing, it is likely to sleep in the car and won’t distract you from driving. This simple trick will help you have a more peaceful and convenient trip.

Take A Travel Dish:

feeding your pet while travelling

Feeding your animal might become a true challenge if you forget to take a travel dish or container for it. If possible, take their usual bowl from home. This way, your four-legged mate will feel more comfortable and have a good appetite during the journey. Alternatively, take a disposable option.

Find The Best Way To Avoid Motion Sickness:

If your pet gets travel sick despite your efforts to get them used to car journeys, be sure to consult a veterinarian regarding this issue in advance. The vet may prescribe special medication for your pet that will help it avoid feeling unwell. Feed your pet well before you set off so that they have a settled stomach to travel on. More information about travel sickness in dogs here.

Prepare For Unforeseen Circumstances:

Make sure you travel with plenty of wet wipes, towels, and cleaning supplies to make your animal feel more comfortable and make it a more pleasurable journey for all of you. These supplies might appear to be useful if you have a trip with children too! Take a pet first aid kit with you so that you have what you need in the event of an accident.

If you are travelling abroad, make sure that you have checked what you need to have prepared and have it ready. In most cases, you will need to take a special veterinarian passport with all the vaccinations with you. Moreover, pay attention to what types of pet food and its amount you are allowed to take. 

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All in all, traveling with pets is always an adventure. Prepare for the journey beforehand, make sure you have enough water and food for your pet. All these tips will help you have a fantastic and unforgettable trip with a furry family member. 

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