Dog Friendly Holidays- Tips for Travelling With Your Dog

Dog Friendly Holidays- Tips for Travelling With Your Dog

Taking your dog with you on dog friendly holidays is such fun. Us dog lovers want to include our dog in our travels too. It’s also a great way to save money on kennels, and reduce the risk of your feeling dog stressing in your absence. However, travelling with your dog comes with some challenges. It’s important that you’re prepared for the trip. Here is what you need to know when going on adventures with your dog in tow.

Know The Regulations

When travelling with your dog, there are some rules and regulations around transporting pets that you’ll need to be aware of before you set off. Perhaps the most important of these is the requirement that all dogs be suitably restrained when travelling in the car. This is vital for safety. It also avoids you lawbreaking! Get your car equipped with a good quality pet-safe seatbelt or harness to keep them secure.

Find Dog-Friendly Accommodation


Wherever you’re travelling to, it’s important to make sure that your destination accommodation is dog-friendly. If you’re travelling within the UK, then there are plenty of great quality dog-friendly hotels available. Check what equipment is included at the hotel. Then you can be sure to have everything you need with you for the comfort of your dog. This will make your holiday as relaxing as possible.

Remember The Essentials When Packing

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When packing for your journey, remember to stock up on water bottles and food for your dog. Take extra in case of an emergency that leaves you away from your destination temporarily. For high-quality, ethically sourced food, you can use Encore Pet Food products. This will ensure your dog stays healthy and happy while on your trip. What’s more, Encore’s food range is sourced from an ethical list of suppliers. They don’t test on animals, so the health of your animal doesn’t need to come above that of another.  

Taking a dog first aid kit with you on your travels is also a great idea so you are prepared for any minor accidents. You dog may also find comfort in having their own bed, smelling of home, with them and perhaps their favourite toys.

Research Emergency Contacts Before Travelling

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Before you set off, it’s important to research any emergency contacts that you might need to get in contact with in the unlikely event of something going wrong. Try to find the numbers for emergency vets in the area. You can then reach out to them if you need to.

Taking a reliable GPS tracker with you may also reassuring in the event that your dog goes for a wander whilst away from home!

Take a break

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On the journey, make sure that you schedule breaks so that your dog (and the humans) can have a leg stretch and some water. This is particularly important in warmer months, when you will need to keep your dog cool and hydrated.

Dog friendly holidays

dog friendly holidays

Travelling with your dog can seem daunting, especially if you haven’t gone long distances in the car with them before. However, by following these tips and being prepared, you can be sure of a safe, calm journey and relaxing dog friendly holidays. Bon voyage!

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