Whippet gifts for Christmas

Whippet gifts for Christmas

Do you buy your dog a Christmas present? I know we do. They shower us with love, loyalty and adoration all year round so it is a good excuse to spoil them.

We love to wish a very merry Christmas to our precious whippety family and what better way than with really thoughtful and special whippet gifts. Here, a collection of wonderful gift ideas for the most discerning of hounds.  

Pamper them:

Christmas gifts for dogs

The eco friendly, natural products by Be:Loved are beautiful gifts for your whippet. We love the shampoo and I have to admit that I have used the Be Safe nose and paw balm (£8) on my own dry paws! Made in the UK and tested on willing humans. *

whippet gifts

Crammed with quality essential oils, award winning and vegan friendly Sniffe and Likkit products are designed to calm and soothe dogs whilst pampering. Environmentally conscious and super luxurious. Prices vary product to product. *

Treat them:

Christmas gifts for dogs

What dog doesn’t love delicious handmade treats at Christmas? Family run Laughing Dog have a wide range of dog treats (starting at £1.50) and Christmas themed gifts – you can even buy a personalised hamper (£19) *. We love the natural Christmas macarons (£4). Products are made using all natural ingredients from the farm. Top whippet gifts!

training treats Finer by Nature

Our whippys adore the training treats from Finer by Nature. and we love them too as they are teeny bite sized morsels for frequent rewards. They are also full of great quality ingredients. *

Do factor any treats given into your dog’s daily food allowance.

A special Christmas dinner:

Do you give your dog a special Christmas dinner? We certainly do. Our whippets eat raw so we give them the festive Bella and Duke Christmas meal. For non-raw eaters, Forthglade make high quality, fun flavoured Christmas meals which are full of goodness for dogs. *

Snuggle them:

whippet gifts

You can never have enough blankets in the house with whippets about can you? Custom Envy make a really soft, snuggly personalised blanket covered in photos of your hound(s)! Note- You may incur an importation charge into the UK. *

Sleepeeze bed

A new bed is a lovely whippet gift. Us whippet owners end up having multiple beds all around the house don’t we? Our boys love their plush, memory foam Sleepeezee Basket bed pictured above. *

On cloud bed

They also love their On Cloud beds which they sink into for a cosy sleep.

Entertain them:

A new toy causes great excitement in our house. This fluffy Petlove racoon is crinkly and squeaky so the perfect pal to flip about.


Our whippy’s are also particularly fond of a rope toy! *

snuffle mats for dogs

Or perhaps make your own snuffle mat? The best gift that we can give our whippets is our time and be with them having a lovely walk, cuddling or playing a scent game. We will be sure to give them plenty of attention this Christmas.

Always supervise your dog with chews and fluffy toys.

Warm them:

dog first aid kit

My husband tells me we don’t need whippet pyjamas but I would love to get some and I’m sure my boys would agree! A new warm whippet fleece or coat will help to keep your fair-weather loving hound walking in the colder months.

Your favourite whippet gifts:

dog friendly cottage Scotland

Perhaps consider sharing some festive love with one of the amazing hound charities, for example Forever Hounds Trust or JR Whippet Rescue?

What do you like to buy for your whippets? Please let us know your recommendations in the comments below.

We were kindly asked to review some of the products in this collection (marked with *). We only featured products we considered excellent and as always all views are our own.

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