Quality Dog Treats- A Review

Quality Dog Treats- A Review

I like to know exactly what I am feeding my dogs so look for training treats with no additives, preservatives, or salt. These independents make handmade dog treats using quality human grade ingredients. They are also tasty enough to distract and motivate our flighty whippets.

Pet Bakery:

Handmade dog treats online

Lovingly handcrafted dog treats by family run Pet Bakery, these guys offer funky flavours including; liver brownies, Sunday roast bones, and cheesy paws. Reassuring good quality. Easy to split in to smaller pieces for training and the dogs loved the taste of them. Practically, they were also nice and ‘not messy’ to carry in pockets. Handy, resealable pouches and very reasonably priced.

Marge and Mabel:

Chesterfield based Marge and Mabel (named after their beautiful Labradors) is a family business making homemade healthy treats. A wide range of great flavours and bite size for medium to large dogs. The treats arrive in pretty packaging so are a lovely gift idea. Nice and tasty, without being sticky for owners pockets.

handmade dog treats online

They also offer therapeutic treats, for example gingerbread men for motion sickness and calming cookies. Birthday cakes and muffins available too. Well priced and a big hit with our whippets, who were particularity excited by the cheesy treats.


handmade dog treats online

Scotland based WowDog are a family run business, overseen by chief tester Buddy the Westie, lovingly making handmade quality dog treats from their home. These treats are great for sensitive tummies as they are free from wheat, lactose, soy, meat, salt and additives.

Flavours include peanut butter stars, honey oat bones and our favourites the beer bones which use spent grain from BrewDog’s Ellon brewery. Great to break up to suit the size of your dog and resealable. Needless to say the whippets loved them! The practical human ‘pros’ are that they can be easily split into small training sized pieces, and are non messy for pockets.

Harley Bear’s Coco Bites:

Harley Bears natural dog treats

Harley Bear’s (named after a well loved staffie) offer a whole host of wonderful treats and pops in a wide range of flavours, forms and sizes. These are so sweet and pretty so a fabulous gift- you can even buy a personalised name treat for your dog here. More importantly than their good looks though are the health benefits of coconut oil and the other organic and natural ingredients.

Harley bears pops

On this occasion we tried the pup pops which come in a variety of flavours, all of which the whippets loved! More of a ‘treat treat’ than a training treat, this oil based, flavoured pop comes on a pig skin lolly stick, so is entirely edible- what a great idea! I definitely see an improvement in the shininess of the hounds coat after using coconut oil, but this was much less messy (and much more fun) than grappling with jars of oil.

Handmade dog treats online:

handmade dog treats online

Well, the whippets have had a ball tasting all these wonderful, quality treats. They were most definitely focused on us when we took them training with them and it was reassuring to know that what they were eating was of good quality.

Warning– watch your pockets! I had my pockets picked more than once during this testing. This is of course the flip-side of carrying delicious treats.

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The above mentioned businesses invited us to review their homemade dog treats, but as ever, all opinions expressed are my own, and most importantly those of my discerning whippets.

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