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Brilliant Cruelty Free Brands for Cosmetics & Cleaning

Brilliant Cruelty Free Brands for Cosmetics & Cleaning

There are many brilliant cruelty free brands available online and in our high street shops and supermarkets.  Cruelty Free Kitty have a very comprehensive online list. If, like me, you are passionate about using cruelty free cosmetics and household products you may fancy trying some […]

Michelin Restaurants with Rooms- Winteringham Fields

Michelin Restaurants with Rooms- Winteringham Fields

Nestling on the banks of the Humber estuary is Winteringham Fields, a superb Michelin star restaurant with rooms. We opt for the couples retreat package (a Christmas present to ourselves), which includes an eight course surprise tasting menu, an overnight stay, and continental breakfast. The room: […]

Warm Dog Coats for Cold Days- The Redhound Fleece

Warm Dog Coats for Cold Days- The Redhound Fleece

Warm dog coats are essential kit for our fair-weather whippets. We have been huge fans of our Equafleece Slim Jumpers for a few years now (see our review here) but after years of hard wearing and regular washing we needed new ones. Our heads were turned by the beautiful Redhound for Dogs fleece jumpers we had seen pictured on Instagram and thought we would give them a try for two main reasons.

Extra Warmth:

warm coats for dogs
Redhound fleece jumper beautifully modelled by Finn.

Firstly, the high neck are excellent for those really chilly days- Jarvis does love a neck covering. The neck can be pulled right up to cover the ears for extra warmth. The fabric is really soft and cosy.

warm coats for dogs
High and snug on the tummy.

The Pee Problem:

Secondly after many years and many washes, the fleeces we were using had become a bit saggy on our boys and so they had started to have the odd ‘pee on my fleece problem.’ Not pleasant! Redhound fleeces have an elasticated facing so can be stretched over a hounds deep chests but then fit snugly into their tummies. Extra warm and no peeing accidents. Perfect.

The Fabric:

The fleece jumper also keeps the dogs dry in drizzle, light rain or light snow, although is not fully waterproof. We use the blizzard coats for those really wet days. The fabric is designed to be washed frequently as Redhound are hound owners who are used to the smelly rolling antics.  


Ordering with Redhound was easy and we received a 10% discount for ordering two fleeces at the same time. Measuring guidelines on the website are thorough so it was very straightforward and they arrived in literally a couple of days.  Perfect timing as the plummeting temperatures have called for constant fleece wearing since we received them. In sub-zero conditions we have layered the fleece up under the blizzard coats from Pointy faces which has made the whippets really snug.

Warm Dog Coats:

warm coats for dogs

A few weeks on and we are loving our fleeces. They fit snugly and are a huge hit with our boys. And don’t they look gorgeous!   

*Top tip: To get the fleece on insert head then one leg carefully at a time. I pop the paw in and let the whippets guide the rest of the leg down. To remove fleece, gently encourage head down, slide fleece  over head first, then roll down to feet- et voila! 

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Teeth Cleaning Treatments for Dogs- The FairyDogmother, Cambridgeshire.

Teeth Cleaning Treatments for Dogs- The FairyDogmother, Cambridgeshire.

Those Long Noses: I was forever looking for teeth cleaning treatments for dogs until I found the amazing service offered by The FairyDogmother. Keeping the teeth of our long nosed hounds clean is an ongoing battle and one I was losing despite regular brushing with […]

Personalised Gifts for Pet Lovers

Personalised Gifts for Pet Lovers

There are many talented arts and crafts people making beautiful personalised gifts for us pet lovers. I LOVE the gifts I have received in the image of my dogs; they really are touching and make me smile every time I pass them at home. Here […]

Amazing Michelin Star food: Restaurant Sat Bains

Amazing Michelin Star food: Restaurant Sat Bains

As returning customers to the amazing Michelin star food of Restaurant Sat Bains (2 Michelin stars) I thought ‘can this really be as good as last time?’ By the end of my 10 course tasting menu I discovered it wasn’t as good as our last meal- it was even better!

All the menus have been created using the five tastes of salt, sweet, sour, bitter and umami. Each course delivers a flavour hit that is staggeringly good.

Amazing Michelin star food
Veal Croquette, Peas,mint,shoots,hay, hollandaise.


It is true that all of the dishes were highlights but stand out dishes include veal croquette served with fresh peas,mints and shoots. A velvety hay infused hollandaise adds a lovely texture and extra flavour to this dish.

Assiette of Lamb- Memories of Montpelier 1999.

My favourite dish of the evening was the assiette of lamb. Studded with amazing flavours and delights, this Mediterranean influenced plate delivered fantastic flavours. The lamb perfectly cooked came in different guises along with a mixture of peppers and courgette. This dish alone is worth a visit.


Conclusion- Thai green curry ice-cream and candy floss.

Ingredients and ideas that are not often seen are common place in desserts here which makes them interesting and inventive.

Lenton Lane- Inspired by the rocky road.

Lenton Lane (the road which the restaurant is located on), is a take on the rocky road that leads you to the restaurant with ingredients from the surrounding areas. Packed with textures and tastes, this witty dessert is a hit with us.

Chocolate log:

The chocolate!

It is worth having a coffee to complete your meal not just because the coffee is delicious but it comes with a chocolate log! Yes a log with shards of different flavour chocolate jutting out which is sensational.

Scallop black 2018.

Amazing Michelin star food:

Sat Bains is one of the worlds best chefs and as result his restaurant is one of the worlds finest. He is always at the forefront of the industry and he continues to deliver exciting, flavoursome and interesting food. If at all possible, treat yourself and go.

On this occasion we stayed in one of the rooms on site, the ultimate luxury. When you have finished your tasting menu you can simply walk upstairs to your bedroom and slump into your king size bed,dreaming about your next visit.

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Great value spa experiences in Cambridgeshire-Cambridge Belfry

Great value spa experiences in Cambridgeshire-Cambridge Belfry

As a spa junkie I am frequently searching for great value spa experiences in Cambridgeshire and often end up booking a repeat visit to the Cambridge Belfry. Located a few miles from Cambridge in Cambourne, this DoubleTree hotel is easy to reach. The Facilities: As […]

Quality food in Cambridge: Restaurant 22

Quality food in Cambridge: Restaurant 22

If you are looking for quality food in Cambridge Restaurant 22 is the place to go. It has been far too long since our last visit and since then this superb establishment has gone from strength to strength. Gaining both local and national acclaim (all […]

Dog Friendly Cottages in Norfolk: Cow Parsley Cottage

Dog Friendly Cottages in Norfolk: Cow Parsley Cottage

Finding beautiful yet truly dog friendly cottages in Norfolk can be tricky. Dog friendly Cow Parsley Cottage, Kettlestone however manages to bring together the best comforts of home with a touch of luxury.

living room at Cow Parsley cottage
The Living Room


Based a few miles inland from the North Norfolk Coastline, we found this cottage the perfect base to visit beautiful beaches like Holkham and Salthouse but stay in a peaceful village location minutes from shops and amenities. We love seclusion and this place suits us perfectly, it really is the best of both worlds.

Cosy evenings at Cow Parsley Cottage

Downstairs in Cow Parsley Cottage:

The house suits 2 people well. Downstairs is spacious with a well-equipped kitchen/diner as you enter. We are keen cooks and we had everything we needed to eat, drink and be merry.

kitchen cow parsley
The kitchen

Our welcome pack was a lovely treat and included fizz, bread, biscuits and snacks.

welcome pack Cow Parsley
Welcome basket

The cottage also has a utility room which is handy for dog bowls, beds and wellies. It also boasts the always handy downstairs loo.

The living room is super cosy. With a large sofa, chairs plenty of blankets (we took extra for the dogs of course) and a wood-burner, both humans and canine companions were very happy. We enjoyed snuggling up with Netflix on the smart TV. A pretty, peaceful snug also sits downstairs for those wanting the peace to read or just be.

dog friendly Norfolk
The living room leading to the snug

Upstairs at Cow Parsley Cottage:

We slept so well here. The huge bed, quality linen and blackout blinds (backed up by heavy curtains) made sure of this. Its worth noting here that the stairs are narrow and winding so mobility is important.

bedroom Cow Parsley Cottage
The bedroom

The bathroom is equally as elegant as the rest of the cottage. Roll-top bath and a walk in power shower- perfect!

bathroom Cow Parsley Cottage
The bathroom


Truly dog friendly, the garden is fully gated and fenced. Parking also easy and private. We have never visited in summer but I can imagine sitting out here in warmer weather is very tranquil.

enclosed garden
Fully enclosed garden and parking

The Owners:

The entrance

The owners couldn’t have been more hospitable when booking or staying here. Owners of an interiors shop, the property oozes style and quality. Their other beautiful cottages in Norfolk can be seen on their website.

For the first time ever we stayed in the same place for the second time and have booked a third. For somewhere so perfect for us why wouldn’t we?

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Great Places to Eat in Rutland, The Olive Branch

Great Places to Eat in Rutland, The Olive Branch

Following a recommendation from fellow foodie friends we discovered The Olive Branch in Clipsham as one of the great places to eat in Rutland. A good place to catch up over a plate or two of delicious food. Using homegrown or locally sourced seasonal produce, […]