Cambridge parkrun- Wimpole Estate with my dogs

Cambridge parkrun- Wimpole Estate with my dogs

I love nothing more than to Parkrun with my dog. If you fancy something to really wake you up on a Saturday morning why not try one of the many weekly Parkrun events?  Parkrun organises free 5km timed runs around the world. I head to Cambridge Parkrun, or Wimpole to be precise as it is simply beautiful. 

Wimpole Estate:

Wimpole Estate Parkrun is located approximately 8-9 miles Southwest of Cambridge. The house stands within 3000 acres of beautiful farmland and parkland which is part of the National Trust. The views, whilst running here, are pretty breathtaking and an excellent distraction to the fatigue of running up the one steep hill (Jon would call this a bit of an incline!).  

parkrun with my dog


Starting at 9am, the Wimpole Estate Parkrun is truly inclusive. It welcomes adults, children, buggy runners with babies on board and, all importantly for us, dogs. Check that your local Parkrun allows dogs as some do not. You may need your trail shoes here as the course gets muddy in the winter months but is a fast track during the summer time.


There is a large car park (free to National Trust members and £2 to non-members) close to the beginning of the race, doubling up as a grassy space for the for the dogs to have a pre-run toilet trip.

Dog Rules:

Dogs need to be kept on their lead here (no extendable ones allowed) and have their own starting point for the race. This affords them an opportunity to ‘chew the cud’ about their morning so far. To the human ear this sounds like a whole lots of excitable barking.Then we are off!

Our dogs love it. The thrill of the chase is obvious to see. One of our boys gallops along, ears pinned, trying to catch his canine competitors. Sadly for him, his owner (I refer to myself), isn’t as swift as a sight hound and slows the family down!

Feel the Love of Cambridge Parkrun with my Dog:

We have started a ritual of a post race treat and a refreshing drink in the car for our post-race sleepy dogs. At home, the rest of the morning is absolutely silent in our house. Same again next week please.

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