On Cloudflyer Trainers Review

On Cloudflyer Trainers Review
 what running kit should I buy?

Firm Favourites:  

If you are wondering ‘what running kit should I buy?’ then hopefully this round-up of my favourites might help. Be warned, I am a sucker for a little bit of innovation when it comes to running kit. The New Balance ICE T-shirt for keeping cool, Under Armour ColdGear top for keeping warm and Runderwear for being comfortable. However when it comes to running trainers I have been a man of routine.
Buying the correct trainers is vital. I found this out the hard way when an ill-advised pair led to uncomfortable runs and niggling injuries. Gait analysis is key to helping you find the right trainer- try Advance Performance if you live in the Cambridge area. Most quality running shops will have this service available free of charge if you make a purchase from them.
Over the last few years, my choice has been the Saucony Omni (along with millions of other runners around the world). This trainer helps stabilise your running and has proved to be an excellent, hard wearing shoe at a good price. I have had 3 consecutive pairs  so I decided to have a change. After some online research, I came across On-running.com.
On cloud trainers

A New Sensation:

This Swiss based company promises an ‘unbelievably light running sensation’. Using the website’s easy to use shoe finder tool (which asks you to identify activity, surface, cushioning and stability), I decided on the the Cloudflyer shoe. With the choice of 4 colour combinations, they look good. Usefully, this company offer help with sizing, comparing the specific fit of your current running shoe to their brand.Ordering and delivery was simple, fast and efficient.

On Cloudflyer Trainers- The Look:

Out of the box this trainer has a crisp, bold look and as promised is very light weight. I have been using the On Cloudflyer for 3 months now, running distances of 3 – 10 miles about 5 times a week.  Light on the foot, they provide a comfortable run, but for me (a runner needing a shoe with greater support) are more suited to the fast shorter runs as I find they lack the cushioning for longer distances. These shoes are also partial to getting a trapped stone or two in the sole due to their unique design- this can be a pain. 

Man of Routine:

Being so lightweight, I will be interested to see how they stand up to the winter weather over the next few months. Overall I have enjoyed the change in running trainer and would definitely recommend these On Cloudflyer trainers. Great for people who do a lot of 5k or 10k runs, however, as I head to towards the Cambridge half marathon next year,  I think I will return to the tried and trusted Saucony Omni– as I said, I am a man of routine!

Need ideas for winter running kit?

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