Where to go for a Massage in Cambridgeshire- The Beauty Lounge

Where to go for a Massage in Cambridgeshire- The Beauty Lounge

If you are looking for  a great massage in Cambridgeshire look no further than The Beauty Lounge in St Ives. I stumbled upon the salon recently, seeking relief for my restlessly tight shoulders and was recommended Senior Therapist Kayley. A 30 minute massage here is a competitive £28.

Where to go for a massage in Cambridgeshire

Tucked away upstairs in the One Leisure Centre, it is peaceful, relaxing and pleasantly decorated. As a Cruelty free brand fan, I was happy to see Dermalogica used for facial treatments.

massage in Cambridgeshire

Wow! What a difference this massage made to my shoulders. Kayley checked the pressure of the massage throughout- eye-wateringly firm is my preference Immediate relief was felt from the tightness and pain I had been trying to rid for a good couple of months- heaven.

Kayley has excellent knowledge. Aftercare advice for how to keep my shoulders looser was offered after my treatment and a series of massages was recommended to maintain the relief. 

3 massage in (with a forth booked) and I am feeling the benefit. With a convenient online booking system, for massage in Cambridgeshire this really is really great option and real value for money.

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