Reflexology Treatment: Feet First Review

Reflexology Treatment: Feet First  Review


I am a true believer in the emotional and physical benefits of alternative therapies. I visited  Michelle at Cambridge Holistics for a wonderful reflexology treatment and here I am recommending another Michelle, this time of Feet First, who offers reflexology in Cambridgeshire. I think that there must be healing magic in the name! 

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Reflexology in Cambridgeshire:

Michelle at Feet First Reflexology (based in Bluntisham near St Ives) offers quality reflexology, and reiki treatments in the calm, candlelit setting of her home therapy room. The room overlooks open fields and is a therapy of its own. 

I am a regular customer for a reflexology treatment with Michelle and feel that it keeps me balanced and relaxed. It offers me the opportunity to catch my breath and refresh my weary, work frazzled mind. 

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The Reflexology Treatment:

Michelle begins the pampering with a hot, steamy foot bath before I get to snuggle up on the spacious couch and get wrapped in blankets.

The treatment begins. Michelle uses aromatherapy creams which (as a qualified aromatherapist) she blends herself. And relax! 

reflexology in Cambridgeshire

 In literally a few minutes of Michelle’s hands touching my feet, I am feeling calm and relaxed. I try very hard to stay awake as I want to feel every part of this fabulous massage but it is not easy! 

Michelle’s treatments are excellent value at £35 for reflexology. I come away refreshed and feeling ready to face the world again. I also sleep brilliantly afterwards and wake up feeling refreshed and balanced. 

The Gift of Relaxation:

Michelle offers treatment packages and gift vouchers. Fingers crossed that I get one! But if you don’t get one? Then visit Michelle as a present from you to you I say! 

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