DoppleGanger Cambridge Review- Plant Based Burgers

DoppleGanger Cambridge Review- Plant Based Burgers
Doppleganger Cambridge review

DoppleGanger in Cambridge city centre has recently opened its doors, offering fantastic plant based burgers; this is super satisfying food which as a meat eater, I would choose time and time again.


This is a cool set up and even ordering reflects this. Order and customise your burgers (if you choose) using the touch screen, then pay, take your seat, and watch it being made in the open plan kitchen.

Doppleganger Cambridges review

The Dopple Burger:

I opted for the Dopple burger and boy was this enormous! A dopplepatti (crunchy and tasty) served with homemade ranch sauce, balsamic glazed portobello mushrooms, onion relish, tomato, and heaps of crunchy lettuce, all expertly fitting into a vegan broiche bun. I had to get my knife and fork involved as it was so tall (much to Jon’s disappointment)!

The BBK Burger:

Jon goes for the bbk burger which he loves. A crunchy dopplepatti, zingy lime slaw, miso and lime mayo, pulled jack fruit in Korean BBQ sauce, served with cucumber and pear in chilli and garlic, again all expertly towered into a brioche bun. Jon is a huge burger fan (usually meat) and this didn’t disappoint.

The Sides:

We shared some of the super crunchy airfried fries- I love this healthier option and finish my burger and chips feeling full but refreshingly clean.

Doppleganger Cambridge Review:

This is a great option for vegan and non-vegan diners. The food is so flavoursome and filling and the staff friendly and relaxed. DoppleGanger have a range of inventive burgers and we are already planning our next visit to try them out. A super addition to the Cambridge food scene.

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