Where to Find the Best Burgers in Cambridge

Where to Find the Best Burgers in Cambridge
The best burgers in Cambridge

The independent restaurant scene in Cambridge has grown massively over the last few years. From the stylish and delicious tasting menus of Restaurant 22 to the laid back BBQ food of SmokeWorks, you can find a place to suit your tastes, mood and wallet! With this in mind finding the best burgers in Cambridge was pretty easy.

The burger is often debated and discussed, but one thing is for sure, most people enjoy a good one- be it beef, chicken, or vegetable. Here are, in my opinion some of the best burgers in Cambridge.

Steak and Honour:

best burgers in Cambridge

My personal favourite. From food truck to a bricks and mortar restaurant, the Steak and Honour crew continue to deliver ‘proper burgers’ to the greedy fans of Cambridge. See them recommended in our Cambridge Foodies Tour here. Tasty food!


best burgers in Cambridge

Head to Regent Street to feast on these moreish plant based burgers. DoppleGanger is a rising star for the city. ‘Not junk, just plants’, vegan or not, this is great and satisfying food.


best burgers in Cambridge

Best known for its slow cooked BBQ ribs, SmokeWorks also hits the mark with its slow fast food burgers (including vegan) too. A fun experience and great lunch deals to be had.

Pint Shop:

best burgers in Cambridge

Famous locally for its ever changing selection of craft beers and gins, independent Pint Shop led the charge in changing the face of the Cambridge food and drink scene. Pop in for a drink and don’t miss out on their fabulous cheeseburger.

Your Best Burgers in Cambridge:

best burgers in Cambridge

It is a matter of taste, so please comment below and tell us where you have had your best burgers in Cambridge. We look forward to hearing about them!

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